West Palm Beach VA Medical Center Colonoscopy Cleansing Prep

[Music] Hello! My name is Stephanie. I am a Registered Nurse at the West Palm Beach
VA Medical Center. Your doctor has recommended
that you have a procedure called a colonoscopy. Over the next few minutes
we will discuss what you need to do to
successfully prepare for this procedure. Your nurse will
have provided you with an instruction sheet. Please follow along. It is important
that you consult with your primary care physician if you are taking any type of
blood thinner medications. Also, please notify your
doctor of any allergies you may have to medicines
or any other substances. Please refer to your
instruction sheet which should address
your specific needs. If you are a diabetic and you
are taking insulin or a pill, please only take half of
your dose on the days you are prepping
for your procedure. Be sure that you do not take
any diabetic medication the morning of
your procedure. If you have any questions, please consult with your
primary care physician. You will begin your colon
preparation one or two days before your
actual colonoscopy. That actual start and
stop date of your prep are written on your
instruction sheet. On your instruction
sheet you will also find a list of foods that
you should avoid. Please be sure to avoid
all solid foods, dairy products,
soups with noodles or rice, meat, bread or cereals. Please avoid drinks
such as orange juice, pineapple juice,
milkshakes, smoothies and all alcoholic beverages. You are to only
have clear liquids. Please drink at least 8
ounces of clear liquid every hour to
stay hydrated. Some healthy choices that
you are able to eat during your prep are clear
broth, popsicles, gelatin, water, sports drinks,
honey, sugar, hard candy or apple juice. You are able to
have tea or coffee, but it must not have any cream. Please avoid all red
or purple liquids. You will cleanse your colon the
day before your procedure. Your colon prep kit
should contain a jug, a pill and a bottle. However, some patients will
not receive the glass bottle. All of these are laxatives that will help clean your
colon for the procedure. In the morning on the day before
your colonoscopy procedure, fill the jug with water to the
line on the side of the jug. Add Crystal Light,
lemon flavor only, for taste if you like. Shake the jug well and
place in the refrigerator. For those of you who have the glass bottle
of magnesium citrate, place it in the
refrigerator also. Between 2 and 6 p.m. take the jug out of
the refrigerator, shake well and start drinking. Try to drink all of
it within four hours. You may start earlier
or finish later. Some patients have found it
easier to drink with a straw, but the most
important thing is to drink all of
the entire amount. In the evening, at 6 p.m. take the tiny
Bisacodyl pill. Make sure you continue to
drink plenty of fluids. At night or early morning, your instruction sheet
will tell you when, drink the bottle of
magnesium citrate. Make sure that you follow
the magnesium citrate with one full glass of water. The consumption of colon
cleansing products like Golytely, Bisacodyl
and Magnesium Citrate will interrupt your
normal bowel function. These products will cause
you to have very frequent and urgent diarrhea. It is advised that
after starting your colon preparation
medications, you should be in the
comforts of your home and close to a bathroom. Please remember to
arrive 45 minutes before your scheduled
procedure time. If you are not able to have a
responsible adult to assist you, your procedure will have
to be rescheduled for a later date. Remember, if you
have any questions, please consult your
nurse or doctor. I hope you have a successful
colonoscopy procedure and thank you for your
service to our country!

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