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All my life, even since kindergarten, I think,
I always wanted to be a veterinarian. It’s not that I just love pets. I love how
pet owners love their pets and how we all work together to make them better. I thought maybe I need another veterinarian,
or hire more staff. One of my staff members, Michael, said, “I don’t think you really need
another veterinarian. I think you need to streamline everything you have in a more efficient
manner. That means upgrading our lab equipment, going
digital radiology, computers in the rooms, putting the whiteboards on the wall. Now everything
is pretty much paperless. A new pet owner comes in and I introduce myself
and I say hi to the animal and we start answering questions on the templates that we make of,
you know, what the problem is, and we go over the history. So I know the history. And even
Dr. Durkee will know the history before she goes in to see them. We have gotten feedback from pet owners and
they are very pleased with the way we can run the blood work while they’re waiting. That information is completed within minutes.
It’s streamlined. It’s efficient. It’s fast. And those results are populated back into
the practice management system. The bond between myself and my pet owners
was always somewhat strong, because I like to be one on one with my pet owners. But I
think recently, since we’ve upgraded everything, the bond has grown even stronger. They love
the fact that I’m spending maybe more time on their pet exam and talking to them about
other issues because that’s what pet owners want. They want to think that I’m okay paying
this exam price or this blood-work price, because I’ve gotten the complete picture.
That’s an amazing thing for a pet owner. When we find something like heartworms or
ear mites on our digital microscope, we show them on a big screen. It teaches a client.
They’re not kept in the dark anymore and because of that, they want to improve the quality
of their pet’s care. This is Kaycee. She’s our miniature Schnauzer
and such a huge part of our family. Well, as I was petting her, uh, we noticed
that she was kind of grunting. And it just led us to a little bit of concern. I can tell this dog is in bad shape. Within
15 minutes, we had done blood work, and then I even asked the specialist at IDEXX for some
help. Based on the x-rays and seeing this enlarged spleen, they concurred with me that
we needed to go into surgery immediately. It happened so fast that Richard and I didn’t
even have a chance to really comprehend how serious the matter was, but Dr. Durkee knew
it was an emergency. And she was worried about okaying the surgery
without her husband being there. So we e-mailed him the x-rays so he could
see them. And we’re like, “This is an enlarged spleen. Everybody has confirmed it. We need
to go in. And twenty minutes later she was in surgery
and two hours later things were looking much better. After we did the surgery we took a piece of
the spleen and we sent it off to the Reference Lab. And they were able to tell us within
a few days that it wasn’t cancer. So this dog was going to be okay. And that makes the
clients feel great. I love animals and I love helping them and
I love the pet owners of the animals. I see the bond, I see how much they love them and
I just love being a veterinarian. And I’ll be it until they probably have to cart me
out of this practice.

4 thoughts on “West Palm Animal Clinic | Dr. Michelle Durkee | Veterinarian

  1. What a cool video. We love Dr. Durkee and the staff; everyone is so pleasant and genuinely concerned. THANKS West Palm Animal Clinic, you all are the best! Reginald, Kimberly, Sterling, Reggie & Special (our four legged girl). : )

  2. I've only been there once since switching vets…loved the way we were treated by the staff and the Dr. Most of all we felt our doberman Zeena got the past care.

  3. We're so happy we could be part of West Palm Animal Clinic's video. It was exciting to be interviewed and be part of the video production! Thanks to Dr. Durkee, her amazing team and modern technology… our schnauzer Kaycee was diagnosed quickly, survived a major surgery and has made a complete recovery! We love you guys!

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