Wesley Medical Center – OB Services & Birth Care

(light guitar strumming) – Wesley’s known as the baby hospital, because we deliver more babies
than anyone within 13 states, over 6,000 babies a year
delivered here, at this hospital. – As soon as you walk in our doors, it’s about our nursing
staff and our physicians treating you like family and living this experience with you. This is what they wake up to do every day and this is where they find their joy and they love being a part
of creating that moment for your family. – The Wesley Birth Care Center Suites is intended to be a low
risk delivery center. So when it was initially
started, and that was in 1996, it was kind of different
from everywhere else in this region. – I think you have lots of choices when you are going to
choose an organization to deliver your baby at, and here at Wesley you also have choices. You have choices to be
in our Birth Care Suites, which are these beautiful suites that allow you have your
baby and care for your baby, all in the same room. There’s a bed for dad to be able to rest, ’cause dad needs rest, too. But there’s also the options
of delivering the baby in the main hospital. – We have two caesarian section rooms here and we have full time
NICU staff available, and all the nurses here are trained in emergency preparations in case a baby’s in
distress when it’s born. Often times … Most of the
time we don’t need that here, but it’s immediately
available if it is needed. – So we have two full time OB navigators, who patients can start to work with as soon as they find out
that they’re pregnant. And the role of these
individuals is to help guide them throughout their pregnancy. I know, myself, I’m a mother of six, I’ve never had that individual and, wow, how many questions I had. I think that if this role
had been created 26 years ago when I had my first child, I probably would have
kept them on the phone the entire time. But these patients have the ability to talk to these individuals and I think that’s something
that the community needs and I think it’s something
that our patients really demand right now.

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