Wesley Medical Center – Emergency Department

(tranquil music) – I have been a nurse
for about five years. I got my Bachelor’s in
Nursing from Florida State and immediately was hired
on here as a staff nurse. Wesley is incredibly supportive
of continuing education. I did tuition reimbursement
as well as my clinical hours were supported by my
nurse manager at the time to be able to take that time and still be a full-time
nurse, still be a full-time mom and be able to continue my education. – The culture is amazing, it’s why I’ve been a part
of Wesley for three years. We just offer I think a lot for
employees in terms of growth and so people want to come to work, they want to be better, they
want to serve our community. Working in the ER is
just a team atmosphere, you never do anything by yourself. – There’s never the same day twice. You can have something
totally different each day there’s nothing that’s consistent. So we are always prepared for anything. It’s fabulous, we have the best teamwork I feel like in the hospital. We are always working hard and you always just feel
that support and love from your teammates,
we’re really a family. (tranquil music)

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