We’re Using Stem Cells to Reverse Baldness and It’s Actually Working

Some very hairy mice are bringing us another
step closer to un-LOCKing a way to regenerate a full head of hair. Did somebody say a pun?! About 50% of men and 25% of women experience
at least partial hair loss by the age of 50, whether due to age, medical treatments, or
disease. Current options for those looking to reverse
this loss include things like medications that may slow hair loss and transplants from
hair follicles elsewhere on the body. But neither have the often desired effect
of restoring a thick and full volume of hair. Researchers have been optimizing techniques
for culturing “hair follicle germs” in a dish for years. There are 2 key types of cells that help hair
follicles develop before we’re born — epithelial cells that help us create skin, and mesenchymal
cells that help us create a variety of connective tissues — so researchers copied this strategy
from the embryo into the lab and they got hair follicles to grow! Though, these techniques were never high yield
enough to produce the amount of follicles needed to restore a full head of hair — to
its previous luxurious glory — until now… Recently, Japanese researchers made improvements
to this protocol, and then designed a special, oxygen-permeable mini-chip to scale up the
farming of follicles, growing up to ~5000 at once. The “chip” isn’t like a computer chip
— it’s a tiny polymer structure with little wells in it. They grow the follicles, add a collagen and
mesh layer for easy handling, and transplant right to the head where hopefully, it takes
hold and grows like normal hair. They showed that transplanting these follicles
onto immunodeficient mice led to lots of new hairs being formed within just 18 days! They could easily transfer cells from their
chip to a collagen matrix for uniform transplant with follicles nice and evenly spaced out,
which would make for practical harvesting when it comes time to transplant cells grown
with these chips onto humans. While these engineers made big progress in
the scale-up and efficiency of growing hair follicles on a chip, their tests WERE all
done with immune-deficient mice. But it’s not always a great idea to suppress
a human’s immune system. It leaves them vulnerable to infections. So, each patient would need their own personal
source of hair follicles… Fortunately, hair follicles contain stem cells
capable of regenerating new hairs, among other cells. Meaning that perhaps in the future instead
of transplanting follicles from another part of the body, scientists can take a few follicles
from a patient, expand them in culture, then transplant way more back onto your bald spot! So, for those waiting eagerly for solutions,
they’re coming! Keep putting sunscreen on the back of your
head. We have the machinery, scientists just need
a little more time to figure out the cells that’ll grow in them. Before you go, everyone. This is SAM! Sam is going to be on the channel more often
from now on, she’s amazing she studies neurobiology and I predict — like hair — she’s going to grow on you! That is an excellent/horrible pun. Hi everyone! I’m super excited, I will need to up my
pun game for sure. Your puns are great. You can also find sam on instagram Yep! I’m @Science.Sam and I talk about
my work in Neuroscience and other science communication topics all the time. Thanks for watching! Did you know that we shared our DNA with neanderthals? And they shared it with us too, if you know what we mean. Watch this video to learn more? Did you know theres a special word for something that produces hair? It’s called trichogenic, and insects and other arthropods have these cells too. Thanks again for watching Seeker!

100 thoughts on “We’re Using Stem Cells to Reverse Baldness and It’s Actually Working

  1. The way I would do this is use crispr do you rid of all my hair and then implant these here chips which can be cultivated from anyone and anything if done correctly implant them in places I actually want to hear such as on the top of my head eyebrows and eyelashes that would be so cool not to mention I can give the middle finger to laser hair removal because that s*** don't work

  2. I went for an evaluation and was told I don’t qualify for the procedure because probably my follicles are gone. So is this video saying that new follicles could be created in culture by making copies from a few extracted follicles?

  3. I started losing hair in high school :/ The upside is that I'm not self-conscious about it. However, having never had a full head of hair I sometimes wonder what that would be like.

  4. Mute point since we have hair transplants now. The source being follicles of hair from sections of the head that aren’t shedding. The technique has become highly refined over the years. The true issue is the cost.

  5. You hear this shite multiple times a year EVERY year and it never seems to come to anything. If you were to believe these scientists they would have a "potential" cure in 5 years, but they've been saying this for literally decades.

  6. We've been to the moon, split the atom, and carry mini touch screen computers in our pockets–where is the hairloss cure??

  7. Let’s be honest, hair cloning isn’t going to be around in our lifetime. Until then hair transplantation is king.

  8. No way this is going to be practical. Aaand the whole movement is focusing in making money from some external interventions like steam cell injections, steam cell grow culture and transplant and so on. We live in a pathetic world where greed for money is the only certainty. Do yourself a favor, do not give a penny to those bastards. The only one definitive cure is in genetics but for obvious reasons (big pharma) any cure is going to be released, not for baldness, not for any much more dangerous disease.

  9. can white hair turn into black actually I am 28 years old guy but my hair turning white and I don't know the reason why its turning white can it can turn into black again by stem cells therapy or whatever by other treatment sorry for my bad english 🙂 ??

  10. I'm 21 i think i'm starting to bald. Hair on top is more thin and can more easily see my scalp 🙁 For now i'm taking vitamin D pills apparently it helps but hopefully we get a solution for that fucking glitch. I'd rather a cure for baldness than a cure for small dicks like mine tbh lol

  11. I just shave mine off and grow a pony tail out of the back. Like a skullet. Vikings style. Also don't forget to slap a little powder on that thing to control the shine if you like the matte look.

  12. These hosts are cringe. Especially the guy. His voice is so nasally whiny it makes my ears hurt.

  13. In an other video I saw recently, the fear of causing cancer with this process of creating new follicles was mentioned. Could you perhaps make an update video, please? I really would like to see what you think.

  14. I say whatever can help is welcome – obviously the more natural with no side effects the better 🙂 remember though each individual must tailor their solution to a personalized, indivial treatment. I´m actually having success with CBD Oil, go figure.

  15. in 1900, there was a CURE for cancer. Dr. Raymond Rife and the Rife Machine. YET, they buried that because there's no money in the cure. There is absolutely a cure for hair loss, but there's no money in a 1 time treatment. The money is in someone having to be on something for LIFE.

  16. Hair , body , the society is pushing people for this necessity of the outside beauty. So sad. I’m proud to be bald

  17. We've been told about these "baldness cure" for the last 30 years, always the same hype and we are still at the same point: no cure

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  19. I am so looking forward to this. I really would like to have my hair restored to look the way it did when I was 11 years old. At that time, my hair was at its absolute best!!!! I looked like a young Robert Vaughn of the Man From UNCLE television show!!! It looked so cool!!! Whenever, I was near a mirror I would look at it … and think to myself "I'm Napoleon Solo's "Mini Me"!!!! Lol!!! I also pray to God they make it affordable!!!!

  20. Well speed it up…i need hair…i m.25 and bald since 20…i never had confidence in my life bcoz of hair

  21. But the question is what will be the cost and will insurance cover it. At the moment there are effective transplant procedures that can be done but insurance does not cover the procedure and costs start at $4k

  22. 37 finally losing my hair been healthy most of my life my both grand parents are bald.. ive been working out hard to push the blood to my head on the daily. The best option for now is fue hair transplant. I have fundementally come to the conclusion my baldness is due to the hairs being transfered onto the rest of my body and my body cant keep up with the proteins it needs for my head hair being the top most part of my body.

  23. Hang on there my bald buddy, Just wait for me till I graduate and hair loss cure will be between your hands… Along with so many other cures, and things humanity did not seek from before

  24. Is his why they cant stop killing babies. I heard it also extends one life for decades. No wonder the queen will never die.

  25. Its not going to happen. Not in industialized nations. To much money wrapped up in the other treatments. Very wealthy may be able to go to alternative countries where markets for hair stem cell surgery will be a available much as alternatives for cancer etc.

  26. Can these two not manage more than two sentences before their colleague has to take over. it is called antiphonal delivery. It is irritating in the extreme and depends for its existence on…you guessed it… political correctness no female shall be seen as inferior to a male or vice versa. What a world we have manufactured for our descendants.

  27. HOW LONG!!!??? That little bit of time is like YEARS! I think other pharmaceuticals like minoxidil and finesteride are indirectly hating and slowing this down.

  28. They're using cells from dead babies,that's why they take tissues parts cells blood,,bones,skin,,etc,,from the abortion clinics,they buy our dead fetus worldwide and makes a profit. People open up your minds,what you throw away someone else will profit off it. This is exactly how Goodwill owner is a millionaire because what we give him for free or rather donate ,he makes a fortune.,,Wake up my brothers and sisters👉👈👇👆☝

  29. What if I want to get rid of all my hair and I don't want to wait for menopause I would like to find a way to purposely induce alopecia Universal and apparently the best way to do that is to damage the regulatory T cells that stimulate the stem cells that are in charge of hair growth possibly with the help of crisper cas 9 because forget all that nonsense with laser waxing and shaving because of those companies no one's even attempting to look a little further into this Market with the actual root of the problem because they don't want to think outside the box you can call me a conspiracy Nut Job but when I have doctors telling me that there is nothing I can do besides deal with it with the current methods that don't do diddly-squat besides cause me pain both physically and financially to the point I have to wear full body concealing outfits like I'm a woman under the law of sharia because it's considered cosmetic when really we've been trying to get rid of hair since the dawn of civilization because it was considered more practical and hygienic

  30. Females will never understand this struggle we as men go through. They laugh at out baldness when there is nothing we can do about it.

  31. More useless information. These "researchers" just need funding for continued research, without producing anything useful. A large and lucrative industry.

  32. Maaaannnnnn
    Not even 27 yet and hair line is receding faster every month 🤬🤬🤬
    It all started at 22-23 ish.

    My Biggest concern is that by the time this technology becomes a thing it’ll be too late or cost an arm and a leg.

  33. As truly great an accomplishment as this is, how about scientists also start trying to find a way to make adults grow taller, reopening the growth plates somehow? That would truly be doing the whole world a favor, ending heightism also

  34. its gonna be funny seeing all these grandpas in their 60's and 70's with full colored hair because of this when it comes out in a few years haha. I'll be one of them for sure

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