We’re In This Together – Penn State Health

We know why you’re here. To care for you, our friends and neighbors. To help you enjoy another family dinner. To cheer on your favorite team. Make new friends and find answers when you
need them. We are Penn State Health and we’re here for
you. Through the toughest of times and in the best
of times. That’s why we built the regions largest team
of physicians and specialist. Because you should never be far from a doctor
when you need one. It’s why when children are diagnosed with
cancer, our entire university rallies behind them. It’s the reason our passionate researchers
never stop working toward the next big breakthrough. Pushing the boundaries of medicine. While other hospitals are promising to bring
you world class care, we’ve already been doing it for decades. Right here. We are Penn State Health and when it comes
to you and your health, we’re in this together.

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