WellSpan Surgery and Rehabilitation Hospital celebrates five-year anniversary

One of the things that was at the
forefront is that the needs of the patients and families will come first,
and was really at the head of our guiding principles. I think we’ve
achieved that. Our team members that we hired, our leaders that we hired have all
been engaged around that almost singular focus of wanting to do the very best we
can do for our patients and their families. We intentionally placed this
hospital right here on the Apple Hill campus because of its proximity to York
Hospital. We felt that having a seamless care delivery model would be important
into the future. The key is we can provide a continuum of health care from
the emergency room to acute care to rehabilitation, and now we even have an
outpatient service that we can provide here at the rehabilitation hospital and
have use of all the specialized equipment in therapy that we need for
those patients. I think one of the most important ways that the community
benefits is the advanced programs that we’ve developed within rehabilitation. We
have a secure brain injury unit, where patients who have complex brain injuries,
whether it be from trauma or acquired brain injury, can be cared for. We’ve had national
recognition relative to that brain injury program. But really what makes
this place special is the team that works here every single day. And the
engagement that they have around our core values within WellSpan
and specifically trying to make sure that the care for our patients is the
best that they can make it. The night I was going home, I remember this car pulling
out in front of me and that’s it. Then, I remember waking up in the hospital. And
at that point, when I woke up in the hospital, it was basically when I was
being transported 16 days after the accident, to here to the surgery
and rehab hospital. I would say he would not be where he is today if it weren’t
for this place. I couldn’t stand, couldn’t sit up. I mean, I could turn my
head, but even that, like, I wasn’t so active as I am now. I started
walking unassisted December 30th of 2016. The first time they walked me it was
three therapists. I’ll never forget the day I saw three therapists walking and
part of me thought, ‘Oh is he ever going to really walk’ when I saw
that, you know? But I look back today and I think, ‘I am so glad they did that,’
because they were waking up his brain. And talk about the brain injury, they
knew that they were trying to wake up his brain. I think the thing that I like
is that because he has a lot of doctors right now. He has orthopedic, neurosurgery,
neurology. If I call the one pretty much the offices can see the notes. So, if I
say ‘so and so said,’ they can look that up. So, it makes the care more
cohesive. Five years of serving the community an excellent way, wow.
And I think it just keeps getting better.

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