Welcome to Womack Army Medical Center

– [Narrator] Welcome to the
Womack Army Medical Center at Fort Bragg. From a humble origin
of 22 wooden buildings scattered across the Base in 1918, we’ve grown to an over one million square foot medical facility. Today we provide our patients
with an excellence of care, that has become the
hallmark of army medicine and we’re proud to serve the men and women of the Army’s Airborne forces
and our Special Forces, as well as those who work
for the Army Forces Command and Army Reserve Command. We understand the vital
work you do for our nation, which is why our dedicated,
medical professionals strive daily to fulfill
the Center’s mission. – Our patients expect to be safe and we have a priority of responsibility to provide that safety for them. – Everything from going
around doing and small things like tissue tests on
like negative pressure and positive pressure rooms, to ensuring that we’re
always using the proper, protective equipment for
ourselves and our providers. – There’s medical guidelines,
that we’re following, there are procedures and
protocols, that we’re following, regulations, that we’re following, all those things that
keep our patients safe. – The way that we sanitize equipment has been overhauled
from several years ago, the way that we check on everything from the smallest fire extinguishers, to just like our eyewash stations is probably the most
important part of my job. – Army readiness is a Surgeon
General’s top priority. The work we do here
directly supports that. Our mission and our goal here is to get our Soldiers and our patients back to the battlefield,
back to their Units and back to their families. – It’s chief in everything
that we do in Army medicine. Our central focus is
not only the wellbeing of the service member and their
family, but the readiness, so that the Army has the Soldier in place, when they’re needed. – Everyone here gets along together, all the staff members
are highly qualified. The Army puts the nurses
through an amazing program, 16-week long course, so everyone
comes out very motivated. – Having civilian providers, along with the military providers gives us the unique opportunities, that provide at least
full, comprehensive care in that if our active duty physicians have to be deployed or
go and serve elsewhere, there is at least our
civilian counterparts that will be able to see
and continue that care, without changing doctors,
without changing locations and you’re able to keep
all of your care here. – This is known as the center
of the universe for a reason and that’s because the
dedication of the professionals, that work here far outweighs, you know, anything that you would find elsewhere. This is a teaching facility
and so we stay current with all therapies and treatments and it’s an excellent place to work. – The strength of our team here is truly unique to my career, I’ve never really, honestly experienced the strength of a quality
team, like I have here. It’s been extraordinarily
refreshing, motivating and gives me confidence that Army medicine is going in the right direction. – I would say the most important part of working in the
operating room as a nurse is building that rapport with the patient and their family member. We only have a small window of time to speak with them and
to build that trust, so when we can call out
to that family member and let them know, “Hey,
everything’s going OK,” knowing that they have that faith in us, that means a lot. – What’s really good about this facility is that we do offer quite
a bit of specialty services from gastro to pediatrics, ENT, cardiology and that if you were to
be in a smaller facility, or another, basically a
smaller post than Fort Bragg, that you would have to go
off-post for those services. – The quality of care, that’s delivered at Womack is excellent. I’m biased obviously, I
deliver care at Womack, but I am also a beneficiary
of Army children and I have found that the
quality of care is outstanding. – [Narrator] The Womack
Army Medical Center is a key member of the Army’s Regional Health Command Atlantic. That means no matter where you may be stationed in the future, anywhere in the region east
of the Mississippi river, you can expect a
continuation of excellence and preventative medicine and quality care for you and your family. – And yes, we have quantity, but we want to make sure each patient feels that they are the number one person right then at that time. – [Narrator] Because at the
Womack Army Medical Center, we want you to feel good
about your healthcare. (gentle piano music)

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