Welcome to the Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center Inpatient Unit at Newport Hospital

Welcome to the Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center Inpatient Unit at Newport Hospital [Music] The Vanderbilt Rehab Center at Newport Hospital provides award winning rehabilitative services. We have decades of experience in this area and we are really known throughout the region for our unique programs, for the excellent outcomes of our patients, for the comfort of our facility, and for our compassionate patient centered care. We have a history of extremely high patient satisfaction scores and when you’re here on the unit everyday, like I am, you can see why. We have an outstanding staff – people who are genuinely committed to your recovery to returning you to the fullest possible function and the best quality of life. After a traumatic injury – be it a stroke or a major surgery – we have this window of opportunity to really get patients optimized. And for most people, that’s about 2 or 3 weeks after their injury. It’s such a short period of time, but it’s so important. I feel like patients should choose the place where they’re going to get the best outcome. The patients team at Vanderbilt will include: the Physiatrist, a Case manager, Rehab nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, if appropriate, a speech and language pathologist. We also have Therapeutic recreation, dietary, and a Neuropsychologist who does evaluations on our patients Coordination of care happens on a daily basis. The team is always in communication with each other throughout the day and then formally at the weekly team meeting. We’re coordinating care with the patients other doctors – such as their primary care physician, or their surgeon, or their neurologist at whatever hospital they came from – so that we can ensure smooth transition back to the community and so that their other doctors know how they are doing after their rehab stay. The goal of the rehabilitation stay is not only to get stronger and to be able to go home but also to be educated about what happened to the patient so that they can prevent any future complications. For instance, if you’ve had a stroke, we want you to get stronger and to be able to become as independent as possible. We also want to make sure that we’ve addressed all the medical risk factors that put a patient at risk for a stroke. That’s done through a lot of education. Every member of the team is part of the education. Simulation of a home environment happens in a few different places. We have 3 different set ups of bathrooms with shower stalls on one side versus another. Or um a roll in shower. We also have a kitchen with a washer and dryer in there to do laundry, a stove to practice cooking and meal set ups. We have a set up of a living room with low furniture and a little coffee table that you have to negotiate around. We”re always thinking about what the patient’s home is set up like so that we can get them safe and ready for going home. One of the things that sets Vanderbilt apart is that we have private rooms with private bathrooms. And that really offers patients an excellent sense of privacy and gives them and their family the space to try and practice what it’s gonna be like at home. Another special thing about Vanderbilt is that we’re part of the Lifespan system, which allows us access to the medical record from their referring hospital if they come from within Lifespan. This becomes part of their permanent electronic medical record. Patients can be referred to Vanderbilt from within our Lifespan system, but also from any outside hospital. It’s not unusual for us to have referrals from Boston or from Connecticut. The process of being referred to Vanderbilt starts before you even arrive. You may meet a nurse or a case manager at your outside hospital who tells you about our unit and we start to learn about you before you ever get here. We have the ability to bring pets on the unit because pets are so helpful when we’re going to tough times and we’re trying to recover. With proper documentation from the Veterinarian, you can bring your pet in. We also have a therapy dog, named Cassidy, who is part of your stay. Being located in scenic Newport, Rhode Island where water is such an important part of our life. We have beautiful views out many of the windows on our unit where you can look at the bridge or the beach and start to think about what life is gonna be like after your recovery. [Music]

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