Welcome to the Melanoma Clinic at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center 1 of 2

(soft music) – Welcome to the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. Having a comprehensive status means that we have met the
National Cancer Institutes’ highest standards for clinical care, education, community
outreach and research. This video will help acquaint
you with the cancer center and what to expect in your first visit to the melanoma clinic. In addition, we will give
you an overview of melanoma and answer common questions that you and your family members
or friends may have. Prior to your visit, you
will receive in the mail a guide for patients booklet with a map and appointment information. The cancer center building is located within the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor. The cancer center is easily
accessible from major highways and is convenient to Detroit
Metropolitan airport. Covered parking is located
within the cancer center and valet parking is also available. Before your first visit
to the melanoma clinic, you will be contacted by the nursing staff who will provide you with information on your appointment date and time, the clinic location,
the cost of the visit, and the availability of
support group meetings. Our nursing staff will need to
gather important information from you, including a
current health history. When they also discuss how
to obtain necessary pathology slides and records prior
to your first visit. The purpose of this
first consultation visit is to educate you and your family, perform the necessary examinations, and develop a treatment plan. The guidelines and
treatment recommendations continually change for melanoma as new information is learned. Often, when you have a melanoma, different specialists are needed to develop the best treatment plan. Rather than sending you all over the place to see different people on
different days and times, our melanoma specialists
meet regularly as a group and will be available as a
team to help with your care. If multiple specialists are needed, your care will be discussed
at the multi-disciplinary melanoma board conference. When you come to the clinic
for your first appointment, you’ll be examined by
one of our physicians, with particular attention
to the entire skin surface and lymph node areas. The most common location for
melanoma on men is the back. And the most common location
for melanoma on women is the back and legs. However, melanoma can occur
anywhere on your body, and that is why we examine
the entire skin surface. During this initial
consultation we will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will be explained
to you and your family. You may have multiple treatment options. Invasive procedures or surgery are not usually performed
on your first visit. We need to explain these procedures to you and schedule an
appropriate amount of time. Surgical procedures occur in a different clinical
area of the hospital with a specialized surgical team. Each surgery is slightly different and may last in general from
30 minutes to three hours. We will explain what type of
surgery may be needed during this initial consultation visit. If surgery can be performed
in our surgical treatment room an appointment date will be made and preoperative
instructions will be given. If surgery needs to be done
in the main operating room you will usually need a separate
preoperative examination to determine the best type of anesthesia. We will do our very best to schedule your preoperative exam and
surgery as soon as possible. We will communicate and work with you and your local doctors to provide the most convenient care.

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