Welcome to the Breast Health Center at Tufts Medical Center

Tufts has always been an innovator and you could point to no better example in the Breast Center. The Breast Center was founded 40 years ago, and it was founded by a visionary person, Dr. Doug Marchand who said that it was better to bring the experts to the patient than to have the patient have to go to see individual experts. Typically the strengths of having a breast- disease focus center, that Tufts Medical Center has, is that you have all those specialties under one roof. We were one of the first centers in the entire country to set up multi-specialty multidisciplinary care. We have a specialty breast tumor board where any issue or disease process with the breast specific to that patient is discussed in a room full of medical, surgical, radiological specialties. So nothing is missed and you often get second or third opinions from very vocal doctors who are specialists of the field making sure that we don’t miss anything with that disease process. And that is immediately communicated to the patient. Taking care of patients requires being able to build a team around the patient to be able to support their needs at every step in the journey. We have the advantages of being a large center but also the advantages of being thoughtful enough to anticipate what those patients want and what those patients go through. And we make their journey very personal to us and to them so we get to know them very well.

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