Welcome To The Bluffs

You know folks are dying every single day. 300 people are gonna die today due to addiction – many of those in Ohio. We’re here to help. We’re here to help this community. It’s very peaceful here. This is such a wonderful thing for our community. No matter what you believe in no matter where you come from no matter what you are what your not everybody deserves a chance to live As soon as you arrive, and you see the view it filled me up with hope I know they didn’t save a lot of people. It’s just such a beautiful place, but Isn’t this an amazing place to be able to get away to if you were struggling? We’re compassionate. We’re strong. And driven The first step is the hardest. You know once you get there once you believe in yourself, which is what we would help you do here, Then you can truly have a new life They’ve opened their arms for us And I really hope that we return that because they’re here to help save our kids’ lives. Because those numbers aren’t numbers. They’re people’s sons and daughters every one of them And I hope that everyone can see this for the amazing thing that it is

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  1. Hey Grant ! I hope you're doing well buddy! I remember it all so well Akino and Brandon too.
    Dr Joe, hello man.
    I remember that voice at the end too.

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