Welcome to Shepherd Center: The First 72 Hours

the first 72 hours when families and patients arrive here are really all about getting to know the patient You’ll come into the admissions department, you’ll meet your nurse and they’ll start getting the patient admitted to the hospital and then we’ll start educating the family about the room setup and how they’re going to navigate just threw their area and their space that’s the first thing is safety first, help them feel comfortable in their new environment. Then they’re going to start meeting the rest of the team which may be the physician next, they may meet a therapist oftentimes a therapist may not come in until late in the first day or even the second day to begin doing their assessments and getting them started sometimes a medical conference will occur very early in the rehabilitation process but sometimes it may occur a little further down depending on the medical acuity of the patient like how sick is the patient. they get to meet each of the individuals which are the same individuals through out that continuum of time so it really helps the families feel more adjusted and understand what that process is going to be

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