Welcome to Shepherd Center, Part 8 – Post-Acute Rehabilitation Services

I think where we really set ourselves apart is how we can follow patients throughout the lifetime continuum. We’re able to offer those services through that lifetime of care. People can go through a lot of different continuums, and it doesn’t have to be all the same for everyone about half of our inpatients go into what we call our day program. Day program allows patients that still have a lot of therapy needs to continue on with the more intense program, whereas others need to just work on getting stronger with the movement they still have, and what they’re working with. Patients can move in and out of our continuum at different times. Some people will regain some strength later, that then they want to learn how to use We continue to offer services in our outpatient clinics for clients who have gone through the continuum, inpatient at Shepherd Center, or even community members who could benefit from our programs. Shepherd Pathways at Shepherd Center’s post acute brain injury program are located in Decatur, Georgia. We offer day program outpatient and residential services for people that have had a brain injury or stroke. Post-acute services are very important because people can recover for a long time, so whether someone’s a acute injury straight from the hospital, or they’re coming to us after 5-10 years post, there’s always hope for recovery. Shepherd Center is committed to the needs of our service members, and we have a veteran choice program for our mild TBI PTSD program called the SHARE military initiative, and that program allows these individuals to stay for about three months and really begin to reintegrate back into society, in the community, and a productive lifestyle. Needs change. Things come up in life, and we’re able to be there and offer that support and to be part of your team for a lifetime of care.

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