Welcome to Shepherd Center, Part 4 – Family Housing

Housing is one of the biggest concerns for our families when choosing a rehabilitation center far from their house. They wonder how are they going to afford it, and where are they going to stay. And luckily we are able to offer our families who live more than 60 miles from the center free accommodation for up to 30 days. The 30 days do not need to be used consecutively but can be broken up as needed by the families. Once the family has used their 30 days, if their loved one is still in-patient, we have other options that we can recommend to the families, some at a discounted rate The families also have the option for one person to stay in the room with the patient provided they are in a private hospital room. Over fifty percent of our patients, when well enough to be discharged, then enter into one of our day programs They come into the apartments and live with the caregivers and they all stay for free for as long as they’re in those programs This is in addition to the three 30 days which is given to the families initially. Here at Shepherd, we have 120 apartments, 84 of which are wheelchair-accessible and located in our beautiful woodruff family residence center on the Shepherd campus. The apartments are approximately 750 square feet They’re fully furnished They have a dishwasher, microwave, coffee pot We even give them all the pots and pans, the plates, the linens. We have a pull-out queen-size sleep sofa in the living area. For our day program patients, we are also able to provide any bathroom equipment they may need during their stay in our units. We have a beautiful family lounge on the plaza level, and there we have free books, DVDs, a pool table all sorts of toys for the children. We have a beautiful garden outside with BBQ grill facilities . We offer free Wi-Fi We also offer free laundry providing the liquid soap, the liquid bleach. Of course the families also have free use of the beautiful pool, the gym, the indoor track Through our volunteer services department, we offer free transportation for families without vehicles who need to go to the grocery store, that sort of thing The Shepherd Center also has two off-site facilities within walking distance of the main campus where we house our visiting family members on the weekends, and then also our share military initiative participants It costs over 650,000 dollars annually to fund the housing here at the Shepherd Center. These funds are provided by very generous donors to the Shepherd Center. You want the best for your loved ones and Shepherd, i think, is the best.

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