Welcome to Rehabilitation at St. Joseph’s London Parkwood Institute

Welcome to rehabilitation at Parkwood institute which is part of the St. Joseph’s Healthcare London family of services the rehabilitation program provides inpatient services for people with brain injury spinal cord injury amputation stroke and other neurological conditions these events can dramatically affect a person’s life during rehabilitation you will learn important skills begin to adjust to these changes and start on your journey to independence rehabilitation is a team effort you and your family are partners and care and will work closely with the rehabilitation team your team of healthcare professionals may include physicians nurses physiotherapists occupational therapist dietitians pharmacists speech-language pathologists therapeutic recreation specialist social workers and others during your stay with us your safety is a top priority you and your family members will learn about some of the strategies we use to help keep you safe please do not hesitate to speak with any member of your care team if you have questions or concerns every person comes to parkwood with unique needs and hopes for rehabilitation we collaborate with you to set rehabilitation goals which are used to customize your treatment plan it is important for you to consistently participate in your therapy appointments and practice skills to successfully meet your goals therapy and education sessions are conducted individually or in group settings education is an essential part of rehabilitation and will help you and your family understand the nature of your disability and strategies that will best promote health and wellness your stay here is just the beginning of a rehabilitation journey that will continue after your discharge discharge planning begins early and requires much preparation and organization to help you get ready the rehabilitation team will work with you and your family to plan your discharge and to coordinate services and support systems you may need family involvement in discharge planning is essential especially if you will need help when returning home during the rehabilitation process you may be able to go home for day and weekend passes or use the independent living unit apartment these opportunities will help you see how you could function in a home environment a home assessment may be done to provide recommendations about the supports and equipment you will need when you return home discharge is not always back home depending on the situation you’re discharge maybe to a long-term care facility a retirement home or to a home hospital to continue recovery closer to home after discharge many people continue working on the rehabilitation goals in the outpatient program or with the Community Care Access Center and other community-based rehabilitation services whatever the next step is for you the rehabilitation program at Parkwood Institute prepares you to continue your rehabilitation journey rehabilitation is one of five programs offered at Parkwood Institute other services include complex care specialized geriatric services veterans care and mental health care programs

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