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Hi Everyone! I’m Dr Lin of Rehab and Revive Physical Therapy,
here in Tustin, CA. Welcome, to our home of Rehab and Revive Youtube
Channel. We’re totally excited to show you what we’re passionate about and how we can
help you so come on in and let me tell you a little bit more about us! Our goals of this channel are going to be the
source of information to do the very thing that we’re called, Rehab and Revive. And we hope we can do that for you! I’ve been practicing a greater part of 10
years of physical therapy and I’ve learned from the very best across the world. From the integrated systems model to the functional
manual therapy from the Institute of Physical Art, as well as osteopathy. And what I’ve done is combine all these brilliant
styles into videos that are short and simple and makes sense. So, come on in and let me tell you a little bit more of
our journey. On our channel, we want to provide you with
useful guidelines to help you become the most efficient you can be. Observe full treatments, learn about how each
of your body parts work. Get quick tips on how to improve your every
day life. This database is the key to becoming healthy
and happy. With that said, many of our videos are educational
and may contain a lot of information. If the lecturing goes a bit long for you,
please check out the many short and sweet how to and diverse exercise videos below. We are always staying up to date with research
informed and practical knowledge for every type of viewer. So there you have it. Please, tune in every Monday and Thursday
to our Rehab and Revive Channel. If you’re new, subscribe, it’ll really help
us out. And leave a like to any videos that you like,
and if you have any comments or any health topics that interests you, leave it in the
comment box or e-mail us at [email protected] I’m Dr. Lin, remember, we can and we will
get better, together!

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