Welcome to Oviedo Medical Center

– [Narrator] As our
community grows, so do we. Oviedo ER has expanded from a
free-standing emergency room to Oviedo Medical Center, a
state-of-the-art 64-bed hospital and a 22-bed emergency department. We are your neighborhood
health care provider. Our hospital of the future
supports local physicians in delivering excellent patient care and is designed to provide
top-of-the-line comfort for patients and their families. – This was the first hospital in Oviedo. They’ve been trying to get a hospital here for about 17 years, so there is a need for such a facility in the area
because of the rapid growth. We are a commuting suburb of Orlando, so the house building and growth has been pretty rapid around
here in the last several years. – [Narrator] In addition,
the Oviedo Medical Center performs a wide array
of in-demand services to an expanding population in
Seminole County and beyond. Our goal is to provide
the most knowledgeable and technologically-advanced
care available. – I am Dr. Ana Benitez-Prieto. I’m a board-certified
obstetrician gynecologist, and we are in the Labor and Delivery Unit at Oviedo Medical Center. Our facility has six labor delivery recovery post-partum rooms. They all are equipped with state-of-the-art brand new equipment. – [Narrator] Oviedo Medical
Center is expected to serve more than 35,000 patients its first year. – My name is Dr. Richard Mohammed. I’m an emergency room physician here at Oviedo Medical Center, and we’re able to treat every emergency that comes through the door, whether by private car,
walk-in, run-in or by ambulance. It’s well-equipped, well-staffed, and we can handle any emergency. – [Narrator] Whether
it’s for emergency care or your day-to-day health
and wellness needs, Oviedo Medical Center is here for you. We’re committed to the care
and improvement of human life, and we strive to deliver high-quality cost-effective health care
in the communities we serve. Oviedo Medical Center, your neighborhood health care provider.

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