Welcome to Oregon State Hospital

just like any hospital our goal is to
help people get better and return to their lives in the community. we provide the highest level of psychiatric care in the state and serve
people from all 36 counties. Welcome to Oregon State Hospital Our vision is to inspire hope, promote
safety and support recovery for all. We offer treatment that helps patients
build on their strengths, stabilize their symptoms and develop skills to
successfully transition to life in their community. Oregon State Hospital has two
campuses. One in Salem and one in Junction City. It’s here where our patients engage in treatment and begin their journey to recovery. At the hospital, patients stay in a living unit with 20 to 30 beds. They will have either a single room to themselves or a double room with a roommate. Compatibility is considered whenever possible to ensure the safety of each person. Most patient rooms have their own bathroom. The hospital offers three meals and an
evening snack each day with a variety of healthy and nutritious foods to choose
from. Patients eat most of their meals in a dining hall near their living unit. The dining halls and cafes are also where most patients visit with their friends
and family. Visits are welcomed and encouraged as friends and family play an
important role in a patient’s recovery. Each unit has treatment teams with a
psychiatrist, nurse, social worker psychologist and most importantly the
patient’s themselves. The treatment teams collaborate with patients to develop individualized treatment care plans. Patients may also invite friends or
family to be on their treatment team. Patients meet with their team members
regularly to create and update their treatment care plan. The plan guides the
patient’s treatment activities medications and other therapies. The treatment mall is the primary place where patients engage in treatment. Set up like a college campus, the treatment mall is where patients attend classes and therapy groups. These groups help patients develop the skills they need to manage the symptoms of their illness move toward wellness and prepare for a
successful discharge back to the community. Patients follow their treatment care plan to decide which groups will help them most. Examples of treatment mall groups include medication management, legal skills and
classes that teach daily living skills like cooking and shopping on a budget. A psychiatrist or nurse practitioner may prescribe medication as part of a patient’s treatment. Staff will help patients stay on their medication schedule. To help with their physical health, patients may go to an on-site
medical or dental clinic. Physical therapists and other specialists are also available to treat patients medical needs. The hospital offers plenty of
activities during the evenings and weekends. Patients play games, watch movies go to the on-site library, attend Open Mic
concerts or play basketball or volleyball in one of the gyms or outdoor
quads. If patients need clothing they may request items from the hospitals to
clothing shops. We have seamsters to help hem pants and mend favorite shirts. Many patients also use a hair salon on campus to get a haircut or style. Some patients can apply for a variety of paid positions throughout the hospital including coffee shop baristas, greenhouse attendants, cashiers and furniture makers to name just a few By having a job, patients learn important
skills to help them find employment after they’re discharged. They also learn
how to manage their own money. The hospital encourages patients to pursue their educational goals such as earning their GED, graduating from high school or
taking college courses. The hospital’s Supported Education Department matches patients with the program that best meets their needs and interests. Some
patients also participate in community outings such as going to a coffee shop
or the grocery store to practice the skills they need to successfully transition back to their life outside the hospital. In collaboration with our patients, we are partners in wellness. We provide patients with the treatment they need to lead successful lives in the community.

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