Welcome to Northwestern Urology

Northwestern Urology epitomizes intellectual curiosity and a passion for research and discovery and that’s what makes it such an exciting place to be. Our environment here is very much a discovery-based environment. That is geared towards important questions our patients ask of us on a daily basis. You see the issues and the problems that families face in the clinical setting and then figure out with your research team how to attack those problems on a bigger scale. Every one of our physicians specializes in something slightly different. There are many of us who are involved in cancer there’s those of us who are involved in benign disease and everyone kind of comes together. And the openness and the acceptance to try new things and to get other people to collaborate with you to do new things. I feel I’m part of the team trying to reach the common goal, to help people. Our department has always been based off of people, so we’re going to continue to attract the best and the brightest clinicians and scientists and I’m pretty confident if we do that, our future will be in the right direction, and the right direction for me is really to combine research and education for discovery to advance our needs of our patients.

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