Welcome to Moncrief Army Health Clinic

– [Narrator] Welcome to the
Moncrief Army Health Clinic, here at Fort Jackson, dedicated in 1972. The clinic is a modern medical complex covering 323,000 square feet. Within the 12-story, 60-bed clinic, a wide range of medical
services are available, ensuring quality and
comprehensive medical care. Those who work here understand
the vital mission you perform training the nation’s war fighters. Your dedication inspires
us on a daily basis to fulfill the clinic’s mission. – Patient safety is actually
one of our highest goals here. We have specific software and hardware that helps to ensure that. We use bar-coding technology
for all of our prescriptions to ensure that the
medication that’s ordered is, in fact, the medication
that’s given out. – Within our department, we ensure that our facilities are safe, that
we don’t have any hazards that might pose a risk to patients. Army readiness is really important to us. We are the base for training. Victory starts here. That’s what we get when
we come on base here as the greeting and it really does. Without appropriate medical care, we can not have victory. We have to train our soldiers and provide them the greatest medical care that we can provide to support the fight. – Our current commander cares about Soldiers and their families and cares about making sure that Soldiers are in a great condition and
their readiness is accurate, so they can complete the mission. – Also helping their family members because without their family
members there to support them, the war fighter isn’t
able to do their job, so it’s absolutely a great
thing that we’re able to help the full spectrum of our patients. We work very closely as a team, so on our team, we have
a variety of people from different disciplines, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers. And we all communicate
frequently on cases. And we’re always looking
for the best kind of care that we can provide patients and always updating our processes. The teamwork kind of
helps divide up the work and ensure that the
patient receives everything and all the resources that they require for their medical care,
where if they need a referral to cardiology, pulmonology,
their behavioral health issues, and it’s all centered around the patients. – The quality of care at
Moncrief is definitely consistent to higher
than what is offered at other posts of this same size. – So if you’re new to Moncrief, if this is your first time here, even in military facility or anything, the one thing that I want
you to take away from it is that we care about service members, we care about our civilians, we care about our retirees, we care about everybody. – [Narrator] The Moncrief
Army Clinic is a key member of the Army’s Regional
Health Command – Atlantic. That means no matter
where you may be stationed in the future, anywhere in the region east
of the Mississippi River, you can expect a
continuation of excellence in preventative medicine and quality care for you and your family. – No matter the problem, no
matter what issue you bring us, you are in good hands, you
are part of a family now. And we will take care of
you as best as we can. – [Narrator] Because at the
Moncrief Army Health Clinic, we want you to feel good
about your health care.

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