Welcome to Lyster Army Health Clinic

(gentle music) – [Narrator] Welcome to the
Lyster Army Health Clinic, here at Fort Rucker. Whether you and your
family are just arriving to your new assignment, here in the South, or are coming home from
local civilian care. You are valued patients in our
patient centered medical home primary care clinic. At Lyster, we are especially proud to serve the men and woman
engaged in Army Aviation and the Army Aviation
Center of Excellence. We understand the vital
work you do for our nation, which is why our dedicated
medical professionals strive daily, to fulfill
the center’s mission. (gentle music) – This facility, I think,
puts a focus on safety, access to care, and putting the right
person in the right jobs. So I think those three things combined, really improves the patient
experience and quality of care. – Our patient safety on the pharmacy side is medication safety. Making sure that they know
what their right dose is, that they know who to call if they have questions, or any concerns. – And then we want to
provide safe care too. So safe care is making sure
that we’re doing the right thing, for the right
patient, at the right time. And we have a lot of
different mechanisms in place to make sure that, that happens. (gentle music) – We try to treat every
patient holistically, and you really can’t do
that without teamwork. All clinics, both in their disciplinary, and outside their disciplinary, communicate, refer, and consult to ensure the patients
get all their needs met. – And that starts with the patient, but also the nurses, the
doctors, the support staff, the administrators, and all of us combined to provide that whole
approach to the patient, to provide the best care possible. – I think the fact that you can know the other providers here, enables us to have a more team
approach for patient care, and benefit the patient tremendously. And continuity of care
and completeness in care. – The quality of care that
I’ve received here so far has actually been a world
class, to be honest. The doctors here are very thorough. They actually involve you in
the care, and actually ask you “What’s going on with you,
and what works best for you?” (gentle music) – Nutrition care is in the
Lifespace Center, here at Lyster. And the Lifespace Center
is the first of it’s kind, and an MTF, and basically it is where we’re catching the
patient on their way out. The patient’s only at the doctor for a very small period of their life. The rest of their life they’re living out in the community, in their home. When they’re worried about
nutrition and things like that. So we’re catching them here, when we can show them how to eat healthy. We can do cooking demonstrations
here in our kitchen so that we’re helping them eat healthier and learn how to cook at home,
just trying to prevent them from having to come to the doctor so much, and be healthier, in a preventative way. – When an individual comes to Lyster, or even the Army Wellness Center, I know that they’re gonna have that quality care that they need. It’s gonna be safe, it’s gonna
be effective, and it’s gonna be part of their patient
centered medical home. – One of the interesting things that we get to offer here at Lyster, in the Behavioral Health
department, is Alpha Stem. And it’s a clinically proven treatment to assist with symptoms
such as depression, anxiety, and it can even assist with sleep. And is utilizes electromagnetic waves to assist with the symptoms. And the nice thing about it is we have a lot of Aviators
that we treat here, at Lyster. They’re able to utilize
the Alpha Stem treatment without getting a down slip for flying. – People are extremely
friendly here at Lyster. And that’s actually a welcoming
feeling when you come in. As soon as you walk in the door here, you have people the front desk greet you as soon as you walk in here. – [Narrator] The Lyster Army
Health Clinic is a key member of the Army’s Regional
Health Command Atlantic. That means, no matter where you may be stationed in the future, anywhere in the region east
of the Mississippi river, you can expect a
continuation of excellence in preventative medicine, and quality care for you and your family. – On a day to day basis,
our nurses and doctors go above and beyond to
take care of the patient. – [Narrator] Because, at the
Lyster Army Health Clinic, we want you to feel good
about your healthcare. (gentle music)

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