Welcome to Keller Army Community Hospital

Welcome to the Keller Army Community
Hospital at West Point. Our caring of patients stretches back centuries to
1778 when the first hospital to serve West Point was situated on the east side
of the Hudson River. Today the Keller hospital is a 65 bed facility replete
with dedicated medical professionals who strive every day to fulfill the
hospital’s mission. The culture of safety is one of the number-one priorities for a high reliability organization. So and as putting the culture of safety first you
want to make sure that whenever patients walk through that door we are keeping
them safe as well. At Keller this is a very unique
culture this is the first hospital that I’ve been to where patient safety really
tangibly feels that it’s a part of the hospital from day to day. A Soldier can’t perform at an optimal
level if they’re worried about a medical issue with themselves or one of their
family members and so readiness is super important because you want the best
person doing their job at the best peak of their capabilities. We are looking at
not necessarily waiting until a patient has a need that requires advanced specialty care verses we are now looking to make sure that we are taking care of the
whole patient more of a preventive medicine type of mindset so that we can
make sure that our Soldiers stay ready to fight. What’s very unique first off is that
we’re small but the smallness enables really truly a quality of care that is
the best that I’ve seen in the military and I don’t say that just because I’m
here standing here it really is a very unique setting. The labor and delivery
suite in particular has a level of service that’s really unparalleled. There
are many benefits of being a small facility the greatest is the ability to
communicate with who you need to communicate with in a small amount of
time. Being here I know all the providers all the doctors the surgeons nurses some
of the larger facilities. I may go an entire duty time there in which case I
may not even meet some of them or only communicate by email or through nurses.
Some of the best attributes of Keller Army Community Hospital are the
individuals that work there. Many of them are active duty officers whether they’re
the the physicians or work in the O.R. or wherever they’re all dedicated their
life and it it’s sets a model for cadets to follow that these folks have made a
commitment to their not only their profession but to the Army in to their
country. If you took a look at our metrics, you would
see that our patients are able to get anything seen within 24 to 48 hours
after saving that they actually need to make an appointment. Our patients here at Keller includes newborn babies – retirees, Cadets, the staff from West Point and
Garrison our own employees so we also have retirees that come from other
states. Again it goes back to that cohesion and that communication kind of
tight unit medical community here taking care of a large group you know one
patient at a time focusing on quality and not quantity. The
Keller Army Community Hospital at West Point is a key member of the Army’s
Regional Health Command-Atlantic. That means no matter where you may be
stationed in the future anywhere in the region, east of the Mississippi River, you
can expect a continuation of excellence in preventive medicine and quality care
for you and your family. High quality care is what you can expect because of
the Keller Army Community Hospital, we want you to feel good about your health

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