Welcome To Kare Health & Wellness – Functional Medicine in Springfield Missouri

We are unique here at
Kare Health and Wellness in that we are a small, independent
locally owned practice. We are operated by nurse practitioners rather than physicians. Your experience that you’re going to get here is going to be quite different than what you may have gotten
through a large health system. We have patients that travel
from all over the country to see us because they can’t
get answers where they are. I practice functional medicine because I’ve been that patient
and that journey of my own changed the way that I practice medicine and through discovering
functional medicine and looking at the root cause and the body as a whole and one system, I was able to figure out
what was wrong with me and eventually correct those issues and get the life that I had lost back. I love that patients get better here. They thrive. We celebrate with them. We share in their story. We
share in their experiences. And it’s such a rewarding field to be in because as I said before,
people get better. I do feel like that we provide something that no one else here can provide.

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