Welcome to Ireland Army Health Clinic

– [Narrator] Welcome to the
Ireland Army Health Clinic at Fort Knox. From a small wooden hospital
that opened in 1918, we’re proud to treat
the 35,000 men and women who work for the Army’s
Human Resources Command, the Cadet Command, and
the Recruitment Command. As well as our many family
members and retirees. We understand the work you do and its vital importance to our nation, which is why our dedicated
medical professionals strive daily to fulfill
the clinics mission. – Safety is always the number one concern. We’ve got an excellent staff. All of our technicians are certified, which you don’t normally
get at a retail pharmacy out on the network. And we’ve got a lot of
automation, a lot of technology, to ensure that safety is
priority for everyone. – We have many many tools that we can use in the pharmacy now that when I graduated from
pharmacy school in 1999, we didn’t have. Barcoding now, that every prescription has a barcode on the side of it. Every drug bottle has a
barcode on the side of it. – Patient safety is very important to us. We make sure that we are
treating the right patient, or treating the right limb, and for the right diagnosis. So, if there is any care that
is given by the technicians, the technicians and PTs always correspond, making sure they’re
providing the correct method, and frequency for each patient. – The army’s biggest push
right now is for readiness, and we are definitely a big piece in that because if a soldier is
injured, or a family member, you know, we play a big
role in getting them back into the fight, and able to
contribute to their parent unit. – We are here for you, first and foremost. If you communicate with the staff here, they’re going to do everything
that they can to make sure that they’re meeting your needs, and the needs of your family. – We collaborate with a
lot of different providers and network in the local community. And we work as a team here, and we try to give the
best care we ultimately can for these people who
have served our country. – We have the ability
to really solve problems and solve great problems. – The care at Ireland’s excellent. We really do our best
to work for the patient using a multidisciplinary approach. We work together to kind of do what is
best for the patient. And we’re very fortunate in that we don’t have a lot of
the same constraints that the civilian world does. We have the ability to kinda
just get the mission done and take care of the patient, that you don’t see in other places. – This is the Allergy Immunization Clinic, and what we do here– We’re a walk in clinic basically, for allergy shots and immunization shots. We service not just military, we also service dependents, as well, and retirees. – (mumbles) feeling is
serving those retirees, retired folks. It really is. You know, we don’t do enough for ’em. – I love my retirees. I love them as much as
I love their dependents, as much as I love the Soldiers, because the retirees are
the ones that led the way for the soldiers that are coming in now, and the new dependents. – [Narrator] The Ireland Army
Health Clinic at Fort Knox is a key member of the Army’s Regional
Health Command Atlantic. That means no matter
where you may be stationed in the future, anywhere in the region east
of the Mississippi River, you can expect a
continuation of excellence and preventative medicine, and quality care for you and your family. – I think the Army’s attribute
of getting the mission done and doing what’s right the first time, regardless of any extra
effort that is required, is something that really motives the staff here at Ireland to do a wonderful job, and to go the extra mile, and to really take care of that patient. – [Narrator] Because of the
Ireland Army Health Clinic, we want you to feel good
about your health care. (graceful piano music)

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