Welcome to Guthrie Ambulatory Health Care Clinic

– [Narrator] Welcome to the
Fort Drum Medical Department activity, or MEDDAC. We provide integrated quality
healthcare and medical readiness support responsive
to the needs of the 10th mountain division and
the Forth Drum community. From our humble beginnings as
the Pine Camp Post Hospital in 1908 we’ve grown to
support approximately 42,000 beneficiaries throughout Fort Drum and North Country. Including our hub, the
Guthrie Ambulatory Health Care Clinic, all of our
facilities are named after exemplary dedicated
leaders in Army medicine. That dedication lives
on today as our medical professionals strive to
fulfill the Fort Drum MEDDAC mission. – The Guthrie Army Health
Clinic has all the services with the exception of an
overnight facility state. But all the other functions,
from pharmacy, to xray, to lab, to MRI, orthopedic,
physical therapy, all those insularly
clinics we have right here within the Guthrie footprint. – The nutrition department
provides a lot of unique programs for the Soldier
and the family member to really improve their
readiness in their health and wellbeing. We offer a commissary tour,
which is open to family members, Soldiers, retirees. We actually walk through
the commissary and talk about healthy eating and
what foods to buy that are really gonna improve their
health and their wellbeing. – Preventive medicine
services aren’t typically covered by insurance. And here on Fort Drum they’re
absolutely free to use. (upbeat music) – The benefit for the patient
coming to our facility as opposed to outside
facilities is everything is located in this one area,
it’s convenient for them, and it also makes it so there’s
not much room for error. And that brings us back to patient safety, which is our number one priority. – From infection control
to appropriate marketing and distribution of medications,
our goal is to provide a safe environment for
our patient from the moment they enter our parking lot. (upbeat music) – I was once military myself and, uh, I would still come here. I trust everybody here, we
are all good professionals. We have good communication
because we are all a team, we’re all here together
working to help you, the patient, and I love my job. – The three greatest
strengths of the MEDDAC, in my opinion, number
one is the dedication of the workforce to serving the Soldiers, their family members, and
the retired population here in and around Fort Drum. Number two is the level
of education that the staff here at Guthrie has. And then the third thing
is really just the general attitude of these serving
the folks of the North Country. And that permeates not
just here at Guthrie Army Health Clinic, but across
Fort Drum in General. – Something I think new
patients should know about our facility, in particular the pharmacy, is our over the counter program. Every eligible family
member is able to get up to three items a day per household
without a prescription without a doctor’s order. There’s stuff on there
like Tylenol, Motrin, cough syrup, hydrocortisone
cream, chapstick even, a lot of beneficiaries
don’t realize we have this service and they don’t utilize it. – One of the things that
the patient can expect when the come to Guthrie
is that they’re gonna meet providers that
really care about their wellbeing and that we’re
going to really create a patient center plan that really provides care that’s gonna meet their needs. – Guthrie is gonna give
you what you need and what you want and it is, by far,
one of the finest healthcare facilities that I’ve ever worked at. I’m proud to come to work
every day and take care of patients. And my own family comes
to Guthrie, for a reason. Because we’re here to take care of you. – [Narrator] The Fort Drum
MEDDAC is a key member of the Army’s Regional
Health Command, Atlantic. That means no matter
where you may be stationed in the future, anywhere
in the region east of the Mississippi River you
can expect a continuation of excellence in preventative
medicine and quality care for you and your family. – When you come to
medical care on Fort Drum, you should absolutely expect five star customer service. – [Narrator] Because
at the Fort Drum MEDDAC we want you to feel good
about your healthcare.

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