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It’s a wonderful community feel where people
are really kind and caring and they are really engaging in a lot of ways that you don’t see
in many other places. Coming to Charlottesville felt like coming
home. The surroundings, the mountains, the hills
it’s just something that in a big city gets lost. We were looking for a place where we felt like Thomas could really have a childhood and that’s what we found in Charlottesville. By having such a high quality university,
far reaching areas are going to be influenced by the innovation and the inventions that
are going to be made at this place. There is a sense of cultural and ethnic diversity
and there is a warmth and caring in the community. Many of my friends have asked, “Well where
is Charlottesville?” And I said, well two hours from the ocean,
two hours from Washington DC, in the middle of hills and mountains and you get to do about
everything that is fun in life.

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