Welcome to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital – Patient & Visitor Guide

>>Hello.>>Hello. [ Foreign Language Spoken ]>>Welcome to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.>>I’m here to tell you about a few things
that you’ll want to know while you’re here.>>Don’t worry. There’s no test on this stuff.>>Just some things to help
you while you’re here.>>First off –>>Every room has its own TV.>>And not just any TV. It’s a get well network TV.>>Get well network has lots
of things to watch and do.>>You can listen to music and watch TV shows.>>Catch a movie or play games.>>Watch videos from other
patients just like you.>>And with your parent’s permission,
you can even use the Internet.>>Get well network also has a
library of videos about your health. And our staff may also ask you to
watch specific videos on your care.>>But that’s not all.>>You can even use get well network
to let us know how we’re doing.>>Tell us what you think.>>You are going to love get well network.>>Moving on.>>Let’s see. What else?>>Our care is centered around
you and your family.>>That’s why it’s called
patient and family center care.>>Ask as many questions as you want.>>We also want you and your family
to talk to your nurses and doctors about anything you think they need
to know about you and your care.>>Your voice is important.>>Hand-washing is also super important.>>It helps prevent spreading germs.>>Don’t be afraid to ask everyone who
comes into your room to wash their hands.>>And we mean everyone.>>Doctors, nurses, family members, everyone.>>Another important part of keeping
you safe is preventing injuries.>>Like from slipping or falling.>>Your nurse may give you special
socks that will make it easier to walk and help keep you from slipping.>>There are also rails on your bed.>>You can use them to get out of bed,
and you’ll see them in other places too.>>Like in the bathrooms and hallways.>>Most important, any time
you need help, just ask.>>The hospital also has special
features for your family and guests.>>Parents need some exercise? Send them to the exercise room on level seven. Do they need a quiet place to pray or reflect?>>The spiritual center on
level two is the perfect place.>>Or the meditation room. Ask your nurse where the nearest one is.>>Right outside of the hospital
doors is the beautiful University of Michigan, Arbor [inaudible].>>It’s a great place to take
a walk and get some fresh air.>>Expecting visitors?>>Your parents or guardians
are welcome anytime.>>Twenty-four/seven.>>Anyone under 18 needs
to come with a grown-up.>>Guest services specialist will make sure
your visitors are healthy before they visit you.>>They don’t want to be spreading any germs.>>Guest services also validates parking,
answers questions, and helps with directions.>>And we’ll give them a sticker
to wear while they’re here.>>Hungry?>>There’s plenty of dining
options for you and your family.>>You can order a tray from room service.>>Your parents can order their own tray too.>>Or they can go to the
cafeteria on the second floor.>>The whole family should
check out the family center. Parents, siblings, and patients are all welcome.>>There is always something going on.>>Need to burn off some energy?>>Visit the Michigan game day
experience here on the eighth floor.>>It’s a football themed play room.>>Fun for patients, siblings, and family.>>They gift shop is your
mini-store in the hospital. They’ve got gifts, toys, flowers, and more.>>It’s on the second floor too. Check it out.>>As you can see, there’s a lot
here to make your stay comfortable.>>To help you feel at home.>>And hopefully have fun while you’re here.>>That was a lot of information.>>If you need help or have questions, just ask.>>On behalf of the entire team
at Mott Children’s Hospital –>>The leaders and best.>>We are committed to taking
excellent care of you and your family.>>Welcome.>>And go blue. [ Music ]

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