Welcome to Bumrungrad International Hospital

[Music] welcome to boom-boom grad international hospital Asia’s first JCI accredited hospital as well as one of the world’s leading health care destinations each year we welcomed and served over 1.1 million patients from over 190 countries across the globe bam ramrod International has developed a special medical travel program solely for the benefit of medical travel patients the program assists medical travel patients through every part of the treatment process from pre arrival to hospital care to departure you can start your journey by contacting our referral office within your country we currently have 32 referral offices located in 20 different countries around the globe if you happen to be in a country where one of our referral offices is unavailable you may visit our website to explore our treatment options as well as schedule an appointment at any time [Music] upon receiving your information our email staff will coordinate with physicians nurses hospital staff and yourself to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you once complete we will forward you the treatment plan to review and decide if you would like to proceed if you do agree to proceed our team will make the necessary arrangements and you will be contacted again with appointment card contact point at the hospital preparation details and costs information once you have received your appointment confirmation you can be on your way to Thailand for treatment with ease as you arrive in Thailand the bamboo rod Airport representative center will be ready to assist you with initial registering as a new patient hotel accommodations and shuttle van service upon your arrival at bamboo rod international hospital a customer service representative will be there to greet you in our unique perm rod way bamboo room Brad International has interpreters trained in medical dialogues of up to 18 different languages to ensure accurate and effective communication furthermore our cultural support officer stationed at their respective cultural help desks can assist in navigating you through your appointments to various treatment centers continuously committed to providing world-class medical care through compassionate care quality standards and patient safety [Music]

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