Welcome to AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare – A Quick Tour of Our Clinic

Hello and welcome to AMA Regenerative Medicine and Skincare. I’m Asher Milgrom, the
founder of the practice. This is the lobby of our facility. This is Chau, she is the office manager and runs the whole facility. This is our conference
room and consultation room, we’ll sit in here for about an hour reviewing your physiology
and your conditions and how the protocols work to give you the results you’re looking for. And this is where we practice a lot of regenerative medicine
and integrative medicine. These are the IV poles and the chairs and special hyperbaric
ozone therapy machine here, and ozone therapy station here. And this is where we
keep, under lock and key, in our cryogenic storage
our very special stem cells for regenerative medicine. Here is one of our operating facilities, this is laser OR number one. And this is laser OR number two, where you also might be having treatments. Doctor Pien is in the middle
of a treatment right now. Come on, take a look. Doctor Pien, this is Dr.
Pien, the clinical director of our entire medical facility. She’s also the most
experienced laser surgeon in the entire country. So there you have it, a quick
tour of our facilities here. Bottom line is we hope we have the chance, the opportunity, the honor and privilege of taking care of you
and helping you achieve exactly the results you want. Until then, see you soon.

13 thoughts on “Welcome to AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare – A Quick Tour of Our Clinic

  1. Dr. Pien, Thank you so much for taking good care of me. You are a very talented, caring and loving doctor. My treatments have been very pleasant under your care. Thank you so much!

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