Weight Management Clinic – Dr. Niraj Shah – Memorial Medical Group, Shiloh, IL

Weight Management Clinic What led you to get a fellowship in obesity
medicine? Starting in the year 2015, looking at all
the preventable cause for mortality and morbidity in this country, obesity took over tobacco. That was a major eye-opener to the physicians
and medical community that this is a severe problem that we have to tackle. I went ahead and got a fellowship in obesity
medicine. Why is your weight-loss clinic successful? I spend at least hour a day in last four years
to understand about nutrition and then read over 50 to 100 different books and try to
figure out what is missing, what I should tell the patient. And one of the things that I learned is that
the approach that one-size-fits-all, it’s never going to work. You have to understand where the patient is
coming from, what are the challenges they’re having, sympathizing patient for their challenges,
understanding those challenges, and become a problem solver than accusing them of what
problems there are suffering from. And that’s essentially my technique as a physician
that I spend a tremendous amount of time and educate patients on nutrition and the food
that they eat. How can you help those who have tried diets
without success? We recognize that at some time other aspects
of the body such as hormone and certain other physiologies are too strong that overpowering
the willpower of an individual. And so I also offer medications that makes
their effort more practical.

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