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I never wanted to be an athlete. I never wanted to run a big old marathon. I never wanted to be this strong athletic woman. What I wanted was to be healthy. I knew if I did not make a change, I was going to die. My mother and my grandmother died as the
result on having type 2 diabetes I had a flashback. Five years ago I found
out I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I used food as a way to cope. I just looked up one day and I was over
200 pounds, almost 300 pounds. Although results vary from patient to patient,
following bariatric surgery, Wanda is a perfect example. She went through our comprehensive program at George Washington University Hospital and now her diabetes type 2 is in remission and her hypertension is resolved. Now I can get into one pant leg. Walking became my best friend. even when I was in the hospital I think
it was maybe a day after I had this surgery I was up and walking that floor in that hospital. I believe GW Bariatric Program saved my life.

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  1. I am humbly grateful to the entire GW staff and Dr. Afram and his team for giving me new beginnings. This is a new chapter in my life, I love myself today more than I have ever loved myself before.  I value my life today; I had to become willing to let God participate in all my decisions on a moment- by moment basis. Today, each morning when I arise to make this commitment willingly; to listen and to follow the guidance I so choose to live well; and in doing so cultivate a feeling of hope that my life can become a reflection of my fondest dreams. I am indeed content in whatever state I am in. For me today; I am shooting for the stars.

  2. WOW Wanda!!!, I get so overwhelmed every time I watch this video.  You said that you were going to lose this weight and you did.  The transformation is unreal girl and again you look great.  There is so many folks, mainly African Americans struggling with high blood pressure and diabetes and don’t realize that there are solutions to reverse or cure these diseases.   You are living proof and I hope you continue to inspire and educate every person that crosses your path during your new success ( which you do so well) and I love you for that.  Please continue to check on me during my journey to getting down to my healthy weight and thanks for being a friend………………..Love You

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