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Weight loss is a complicated topic
because there’s not a singular answer to it. At Progressive Medical we
recognize that. We recognize that you’ve already read six books on weight loss and tried six different diets and not seen the outcomes that you would expect and the reason for that is because there
are more than six different reasons your system could be in the situation, so we use this as an
opportunity to figure out what’s at the heart of this person’s metabolic shut down.
We will do things at Progressive Medical like look at an extensive thyroid profile, evaluate hormones see the impact that stress is having on
your system, look at nutritional deficiencies that could cause you to
store more fat. Look at toxicity that can also cause the
system to go into metabolic shut down and we really get to the heart of what’s
happening to the individual we can get to the
heart what’s happening in terms of weight gain. This also gives us the opportunity to
help someone move towards a normal BMI, the single most important factor in
terms of preventing heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Weight loss isn’t a singular subject, but an opportunity to figure out what’s going on with your body and help prevent conditions… chronic
conditions that we would all like to live without.

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Solutions – Progressive Medical Center

  1. I would like to know if you offer 2nd opinions on treatment of breast cancer. I do not agree with the infusion doctor that wants to treat me with TCH and ignore that I'm chronically anemic and have other health issues that need to be addressed. Herceptin would be acceptable in a micro-dose situation, but not with two other drugs that are not cell targeted and effect both the cells make up and the DNA in the body. The changes these drugs produce are not predictable. I do not like the idea of such a harsh treatment plan on a body that is already in a negative health format. This has the chance of killing me – and it's worth it when it's a "just in case" scenario.

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