WEEK in the LIFE of a DOCTOR: Vlogging in the Hospital

Hey guys, I’m Siobhan a second-year medical resident this is going to be such a bizarre week So what figured I would document it and have you guys come along with me? I’m currently on my night flow rotation, which means that everything’s flipped I’m working at night and I’m sleeping during the day and I’ve got a huge amount of responsibility now as a second-year resident Admitting all the patients over night and being responsible for my team So if you haven’t seen my last video where I take you through a night in Detail and tell you what I’m doing check it out. I’ll leave the link above Well emori my scrubs better get going starting at 5:00 p.m. Tonight As a senior resident overnight I’m Overseeing the medical students and first-year residents that are on-call as a team were Responsible for admitting all the patients being admitted to the internal medicine service pretty much anyone who doesn’t need urgent surgery I briefly see all the patients but then the junior members of the team do a very detailed assessment Then I review their work and provide some feedback for their learning Plus, I’m responsible for any code blues or emergencies that happen up on the ward. I Got paged about a patient on the ward who’s got a blood pressure of about 70 over 48, but the problem is they don’t have a lot of IV access So, I’m actually heading back down to the ICU. I’m gonna get the ultrasound I’m gonna get a bunch of things and Then put a central line on the ward and we can give her all the medication and fluid she needs Right got all my supplies Heading upstairs, I just need to get the ultrasound Just finished up with the central line now the patient can get all the electrolytes need some replacement blood and fluids, so She’s gonna be feeling a heck of a lot better Anyway, let’s go down to back to the emergency department I’m dreading to find out how many patients are waiting. We need to see you me totally in a backlog now 920 now, I’m just leaving the hospital man. I’m feeling totally Exhausted right now just wiped out think running up and down Having some sick patients and then in the morning trying to divide up the patient and deal the staff Yeah, I just felt it felt busy. Now. I’m gonna crawl into bed and sleep during the day Morning guys It’s 7:00 p.m. I’m not at opeth morning. It’s so confusing when you wake up at this time. My parents are coming for dinner which is gonna be like my breakfast and they’re gonna be here soon, which is why I actually set an alarm and Then my plan is to be staying up all night and being productive and make it like my day So let’s stay. Let’s try to do that So my parents just got here using my parents We’re just heading for dinner now, I think what love is dude yeah Okay, perfect. The food was great and it was awesome building with my parents Before I could lose my motivation. I got myself to the gym Now onto a night of studying And if you make begins heading upstairs to meet the team for tonight Okay, so I’m just getting back to the consult room I was in the emergency department, the emerge doctor stopped me and told me that he’s got a consult of a Patient who is quite confused so I’m gonna get my junior medical resident to help me out with that So I’ll first call them and I’ll tell you guys both about the consult All right. So, this is David. He is one of the junior medical resident suites in his first year same position I was in last year guys And I basically have a consult for you. This is an older patient who’s come into the emergency department And became really confused We’re not quite sure why they did blood work. We’re seeing quite a low sodium so that could explain it But basically our job is gonna be figuring out What’s causing this low sodium? Yeah, is there anything else that we’re missing in terms of what’s causing? This confusion. Okay. All right, if you’re concerned about it, let me know. We can look at it together But otherwise, let me know and we’ll review it when you’re done. Sounds good. Perfect. Okay meanwhile, while David starts working in the consult I go over and actually eyeball or see the patient and make sure that their Hemodynamically stable meaning their blood pressure their heart rate. Everything is stable and we can take our time figuring out what’s wrong Nothing needs to happen immediately All right to review yeah, let’s do it Okay, so tell me the story. Why do you think is causing this hypernatremia? Well, I think in her case, that you know, she’s had some general decline in function It might be that she’s not been eating that well, but you know There’s some other investigations and I think that we should do just to make sure that we’re ruling out anymore You know concerning or scary causes that could be involved here. Yeah, absolutely 9:30 one more night successfully completed and ready to go home Get a good night good at it get get a good nap. Oh my gosh, look at that. I can’t even talk time for bed So that’s what my backwards week has been like I guess you guys didn’t get to see a whole week But you could imagine every other night same thing the routine just continues and I become this nocturnal being So anyway, it’s a lot better than the 26 hours. I was doing a lot last year I still do a little bit of that disuse that will come up again but not as terrible and if you’re interested in seeing what that was like check out this video in that video and you’ll See what it’s really like to be up for 26 hours Anyway, let me know in the comments what you’re thinking. I would love to be able to hear from you guys Otherwise, I’ll be chatting with you guys next week. So bye for now

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  1. Omg I can’t explain how much I love your channel and YOU! Just subscribed and can’t wait to see more! So interesting to be apart of your everyday work!

  2. Just subscribed! You have such an amazing personality and ora! I'm currently a sophomore in college studying to apply into nursing and sonography, and it's really hard to find inspiration sometimes. Thank you for all the great videos!

  3. Recently came across your channel! Most of my life I've been in and out of hospitals and Doctor's appointments, and so its always interesting to me to see what Doctor's go through on a day to day basis! Here's a bit of a background on my case. I am a 31 year old with Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus with a VP shunt. Up until this week, It'd been 15 years since I had a neurosurgeon to monitor my shunt. 15 years ago my original shunt malfunctioned and was replaced. After having visited the ER due to some really bad headaches, my first initial thought was maybe this was an onset of shunt issues. So my question is…if there was in fact an issue with my shunt, is there usually a neurosurgeon on call to perform the emergency procedure/surgery, or how would that work?

  4. Hey, I just started watching your videos and they are amazing! You have so much talent and energy. I was wondering if you could make a video about some of the terms like 'hanover' or 'consultation' and what happens during these periods and what they are. Keep up the awesone lifesytle you have!

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  10. What the general idea within the medical community in your area on the "opioid crisis"
    Im just curious how ot may differ from the US. As someone who depends on these meds to function after a REALLY bad accident i have found it to be a headache, if not impossible to find treatment these days.

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  27. I remember it was last year I got a patient with confusion state too. When I examined him few days later after he got better, I noticed that he also had sensory aphasia, very mild. Then I told my colleagues but no one believe me.. Until the CT Scan came and voila… I got this strange S.O.L mass 😂😂 right at the memory and language processing area hohoho (I don't know at this point I should be happy or sad 😂)

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  34. Hey Siobhan – what hospital are you working at? I recognized the Oakville bus and I saw your MacMaster University sweater, I think u are very near to where I live

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