We Went To An ASMR Spa

– That was like really
intimate and like a mind fuck. That was a mind fuck, I
was a literal mind fuck. (laughs) (whooshes and squeaks) – I think ASMR is knd of
weird but kind of cool, there’s a large group of people on Youtube that really love it. – ASMR is like brain orgasms right? – No I haven’t ever
heard the Whisper Lodge, it sounds like a cult. – I’m actually really
excited about tonight, I am so curious. – Sitting in silence
for an hour and a half, as a New Yorker, might be difficult but I’m gonna try. – I don’t know what the
environments gonna be like they also said that I
was gonna be blindfolded. – I won’t be uncomfortable
when people touch me but I’ll give my girlfriend a heads up, so I don’t get in trouble. (laughs) – I feel like its gonna be so intimate and it’s gonna feel so
naughty, and then it’s gonna go on the internet. – Whisper Lodge, I know I’m gonna walk out a little more refreshed than I walked in. But how school me man, school me. (soft music) Alright so I’m on my way to
meet up with my coworkers to head to this Whisper Lodge. I have no idea what to
expect when it comes to this experience but I
think I might like it oddly. (soft music) – We made it. – [Both] We made it. – Hal just told us that
we should expect a man in all white. – I just keep checking my
back because I’m really scared someone is gonna put
like a bag over my head and just drag me out of here. – I actually think I see them. Wait, I, now, I’m nervous. They look like they’re
trying to convert us to a religion. (laughs) – I’m excited. – [Purple Shirt] We were told to wait for a group of people in white – [Jade] They looked like they were floating walking towards us. – [Hal] I was laughing and
joking and then as soon as they approached us
with contracts to sign, I was definitely a little bit weirded out. – [Jade] You know what
when the blindfold me that was kind of, I had a
shift in my kind of energy in my mood, I was kind of
like, well what the hell did I just agree to do. Our life was at the hands
of the Whisper Lodge. – [Hal] You do feel a
little bit self conscious when you’re walking on
the street in a blindfold. – [Jade] So first we
were let into the house I remember walking up a
million stairs to even get to the house and I was like whoa. It was really quiet for like five minutes and then random noises
just started happening. I definitely know one was a broom, that’s the only one I know. – [Purple Shirt] Marbles, the
one that shocked me to learn after the fact was the tennis rackets. – [Hal] Yes tennis rackets
that was the weirdest. – [Jade] I was trying so hard not to laugh when I started hearing the noises, ’cause I was like wait what
the heck is going on right now. – [Purple Shirt] I came
out of the bathroom and Hal was standing
there just eyeing me down and I was like what did I miss. And I looked over and one of
the women was on her knees with her shirt off and Pamela and Andrew were just gently stroking
her back with makeup brushes. – [Hal] The woman with
her shirt off brushing really caught me off guard,
there are three different rooms that we went to throughout the night but my favorite room was the
room that I went to first. I’m gonna call it the drawing room, it was in kind of like an orangish room, and I was sitting there
with him, he was telling me all about ASMR and his
experiences growing up having ASMR and experiencing ASMR and then he got out
some different material so I could choose which
material that I wanted to hear and experience so I of
course chose the bubble wrap. I grabbed the bubble wrap and
he started like crinkling it around my head. (crinkles) I do have to say, it was
like weirdly satisfying to hear these crinkling noises happen. After that he got out,
like a charcoal drawing set and we like drew together. It was not stressful it
was like pretty relaxing. – [Purple Shirt] I had
the most brain orgasms in the clinic, it was greenish, I was
told to lie on a bed. That room felt probably
weirdly like the naughtiest ’cause it was like playing doctor. Favorite part though,
most brain orgasms had at Whisper Lodge for me
was when she took that Qtip and so lightly touched our ears with it. – [Jade] My favorite room was the boudoir. I felt like when you walked
in she was alright guys, you can sit wherever you want to. She was like gazing into my soul, that room was kind of cool. One of the things that she did was, she picked brushes. She had the brushes and she was like pick which brush you like. She was like, any brush is your brush, now remember this is the
brush that you chose. It was just so intimate man. I really thought she was gonna kiss me. I’m not even gonna front, I really thought I was gonna have to go home
and explain to my girlfriend that a stranger named Pamela kissed me and I signed a waiver so
I had to let her kiss me. – [Hal] After we finished the three rooms we all came back together
and had like a moment with all three of the Whisper Lodge team. We like sat around in a
circle and they showed us this like instrument
that kind of sounded like an ocean or a thunderstorms and we all, we kind of sat in a circle and
listened to this instrument for a while and then we moved to the table where we played with that orb ball. – [Purple Shirt] I think it’s something that everyone should try once, I think it really was so
fun and I think the more that you’re willing to give
yourself to that experience the more you’ll get out of it. – [Jade] I definitely
felt like the tingles and I guess a brain
orgasm in the clinic room and definitely in the boudoir. – [Hal] I think I would go it again. I think I would go again. It was just weird enough
for me to be intrigued and also it was relaxing, like I didn’t feel stressed out at all. (laughs) – What? – What the heck was that? – That was like really
intimate and like a mind fuck. That was a mind fuck, it
was a literal mind fuck. (laughs) – I did feel weirdly more relaxed. – Yeah. – Like in a weird way, not in
a way that I really expected. It was nice to take like
a moment and like have some silence I guess or have
some quietness, it was weird. It was good. To Whisper Lodge. – Yeah.
– To Whisper Lodge. That was fucking awesome,
I’m not gonna lie. – [Jade] That was fun, I
might consider doing it again. – [Purple Shirt] I would go back. – [Jade] I feel a little
stimulated, not even gonna front. – [Purple Shirt] I feel like, (chatter) (whooshes and squeaks)

100 thoughts on “We Went To An ASMR Spa

  1. I can’t feel asmr if I purposely go and watch asmr videos. For me it has to be unexpected & unintentional. So annoying😐

  2. Omg can the purple shirt girl just shut her mouth. Like learn about ASMR before you call it 'naughty' and a 'braingasiam' all the time!!! She gives me so much stress like I fall asleep to that and your calling it these names!!

  3. The girl in the purple shirt is so annoying smh 🤦‍♀️



  4. Everyone needs to relax about the girl in the purple shirt. To some experiencing something like ASMR feels intimate. Inviting a stranger into your personal space and having calm quiet human contact can feel intimate. Especially if you’ve never experienced it before. And they’ve never experienced it before so they chose the words that closest resembles what they felt. They don’t know our slang. To them tingles might be brain orgasms or personal attention/ close touching is intimate.
    Relax y’all. I don’t think she meant it as ASMR is a tone down version of sex

  5. Ooof my asmr family salty af cause the misjudging asmr. Chill peeps, I don't like her either but don't blow up st her lol

  6. Whenever my best friend needs to relax or just calm down, she always asks me if she could asmr sounds (bubble wrap, paper sounds, finger fluttering, etc.) idk if that's weird but like iddbjddb I don't mind it lmao

  7. Dude, where are all the funny comments? Did they just poof jutsu off the planet? Like, guys, no need to fight about the stuff they say this is content made for enjoyment. Now, I get where yall are all coming from, but we dont have to argue ;-; i really dont like people fighting, i know its none of my buisness but im mainly seeing hate in the comments. Yall, these are people, dont hate people. If you can, just mildly dislike them, theres no need to hate them. Sorry, ill leave now.

  8. I hate that fucking barney purple girl so much until now that a year has passed

    She doesnt deserve the tingles

  9. I know it’s been said before but DAMN purple shirt is annoying- ASMR has nothing to do with sex, also she seems like she thinks what she’s saying is “hip” and “relevant” so she’s acting more obnoxious than she probably is but still dude- chill out and stop assuming

  10. Me 4 years ago: shows my friends an asmr video
    My friends now: bruh i just found this new asmr channel and bedtime is about to be POPPIN

  11. Me looking though the comments:
    OMg The giRl iN thE purplE sHirt reaLly pissEd me oFf Like aSmr isN’t mEnt tO Be seXuaL/nAuGhty

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  13. I really loved the guy. He was the only one who actually appreciated it and didn’t call it intimate or sexual. He really just had a good relaxing time.

  14. Why do you put people who dont even know what ASMR is and they give their idea like they understand everything

  15. Literally EVERYBODY commenting about the purple shirt girl, you need to shill out, she didn't even make it seem like sexual. You're just defensive af

  16. just pls stop it with the un needed theatrics and stop sexualizing asmr, just pls actually give it a chance, it’s not poison, although the whisper lodge place sorta does give off a weird vibe when they showed up in all white and made them sign contracts

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  19. This video is so disrespectful I searched up whisper lodge this is the fourth thing that came up I just wanted to save that I searched up whisper lodge this is the fourth thing that came up I just wanted to say that

  20. ASMR IS NOT SEXUAL. I hate the blonde she’s so obnoxious, like if your going to be so annoying don’t goddamn go. It’s not meant to be ogasmic, or sexual. Educate yourself

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