We Care for You | Patient Escorts at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

(upbeat music)>>Patient escorts: We care for you.>>Kristianne: A lot of
people don’t really know what we do as escorts. We are definitely side-by-side and hands-on with the patients. A lot of people probably think that we just pick up and drop off. But no, we’re actually
assisting the nurses with the patients as well.>>Kyra: We know all about the hospital. Most nurses have not
been where we’ve been. They ask us questions, like where a lot of places are. We’re everywhere in the entire hospital.>>Kristianne: A lot of
times, patients are nervous before they go to test, or they’re sad about test
results they’ve gotten. You have to put yourself
in the patient’s shoes. If you were them, you would want somebody who’s nice, and who’s comforting, ’cause your health is very important. It’s your life.>>John: A lot of times, I tell them I’m glad I’ve met them. Even under bad circumstances. But the real thing that gets me is how comforting they are to you. And with their light and spirit, I thank them for being who they are. Because they just enlighten my day, even though they’re the patient.>>Kristianne: My favorite
part about this job is meeting new people every day. It’s very exciting. A lot of people from
different backgrounds, a lot of people that
have traveled the world. I love hearing different
stories about people.>>John: I’m just amazed at the extent of the care given in this hospital. I’ve been here since 1994. The extensive care that every department, every area has a big effect on the patient coming in to Bayview as their caregiver.>>Kyra: We see the same patients a lot. We’ve had patients be in here for months, and we watch them go from sick to getting better. And that’s also like a
really good thing to see.>>I’m Kristianne>>I’m Kyra>>And I’m John.>>And we’re patient escorts for Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

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