We Are Returning Nurses

My name’s Raych and I’ve just become a
registered staff nurse on the Return to Practice Programme.
After I’d been nursing for 4 years I went to work in Uganda. I did more community-based
nursing. After 10 years there, we then came back.
Technology wise, there is software to find your way around. There are things to learn.
But there are always people to help and it’s a really exciting time to be part of the nursing
profession again. My name’s Mark, I work in an early intervention
and psychosis team. My job title is a lead practitioner.
In 1982, I was the only male nurse. This is my 1st year photograph.
I was fortunate to retire at 55. It just struck me at that point that I want to go back to
working with young people who’ve had severe mental illnesses.
The biggest motivator for coming back to nursing was my heart. Over everything else, it’s
what I needed to do. My name is Bridget Thobela. I work as a Practice
Nurse. I left nursing because it was a bit difficult
to try and keep up with the work and child care and I thought, “you know what; I think
I need a break.” There is a saying that once a nurse, always
a nurse so I don’t know if that’s true or not, but the basics are always the same.
You find that you still have that in you, and it comes back.

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