We are Cache Valley Hospital

Various speakers:
We are Cache Valley Hospital. – We are Cache Valley Hospital. – We are Cache Valley Hospital. – When you need us, we are here. In fact, our emergency
room is always open. – And we offer women’s services, orthopedics, general
surgery, and heart care. – We also have advanced wound care, physical therapy, hyperbaric, and occupational medicine, as well as lab and radiology services. – Our hospital was
founded by local doctors who believed that people
should have a choice when it comes to their health. – And now we’re part of HCA Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare
providers in the nation. – Which means we are backed by a network of resources to better take care of you. – Yep, we’re a hometown hospital with big city connections. – [Woman] At Cache Valley Hospital, we take good care of people. – As if they were family. – Our own family. – My own family. – In fact, I’ve got more
than 300,000 coworkers in my HCA family. – We’re well-known for delivering high-quality, patient-focused care, which makes sense because
we do what’s right for each patient every day. – Like in our inpatient unit where we help people recover from surgeries and medical
conditions, large and small. – We’re also known for expert orthopedic and robotic-assisted surgery. – Plus, we use technology to collaborate with a
wide range of specialists. That means the best care for you, fast. – In our comfortable
labor and delivery rooms, we deliver perfect moments,
like Ella, every day. And we have a special care
nursery, just in case. – In our emergency room, we quickly take great care
of patients every day. In fact, we are the
only ER in the community where every physician is board-certified. – We use an advanced triage process. This means shorter ER wait times for you or your loved one. – We treat chest pain, and we’re a stroke
receiving facility, too. – As a Level IV trauma center, if you’re ever seriously injured, you can depend on us. – At Cache Valley Hospital, we listen. – And then, our medical
staff partners with patients to decide the best course of action for each of them individually. – We’re a good neighbor, too. We provide charity care, as needed, and we pay our taxes to
support our community. – Because of who we are and what we do, I am proud to work at
Cache Valley Hospital. – Proud to be Cache Valley Hospital. – I am Cache Valley Hospital. – Together.
– Together. – Together. – Together, we are Cache Valley Hospital.

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