Watchman Procedure with St. Luke’s Cardiology Clinic Dr. Mohit Chawla

So the procedure itself is done to seal
off a part of the heart call the appendage where clots normally form and when they form in that area they can cause a stroke. So most patients who have atrial
fibrillation have a higher risk of having a stroke as the atrium does not move
very well therefore clots form when the blood
pools. We so most often we prescribe blood thinners to prevent clots from
forming to prevent stroke but in this particular patient he had a series of
falls due to other illnesses and Parkinson’s disease which made him at high risk to
been a blood thinner. For example if he falls then he’s at a higher risk of
falling, hurting himself, having a bleed anywhere in his body or in his brain. This procedure is nice because what it does it offers him the protection of
preventing a stroke without being on a blood thinner. That’s the purpose of
the procedure is to basically be an alternative to a blood thinner and to
prevent strokes. One thing about the Watchman’s is that it is very well studied and there is data to support that it’s actually superior to warfarin in to preventing
stroke which is the gold standard for a blood thinner and
obviously it’s a much lower risk for bleeding. It allows them get off their blood thinner. In terms of recovery, it’s an overnight stay. They
have a stitch in their leg which is removed before they go home and they
can’t drive a car for two days and can’t lift more than ten pounds for a week but
that’s mainly for the leg to heal. There’s no other restrictions. In terms of the Heart & Vascular Institute one of the nice things is that there’s no procedure
where you’d have to travel outside Cedar Rapids. After one month to 45 days will go to a lower
dose of blood thinner and then again at three months and then after six months then we’ll go to
just an aspirin. It was effortless, he

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