100 thoughts on “WATCH: Carnivore Doctor SCHOOLED On Mainstream TV

  1. Hes not a doctor hes a politician that Practices medicine only because he has a master's degree.
    He got the degree in psychology because that played in favor of his political standpoint.
    Aka hes bit of a monster

  2. I'm on a wfpb diet, but I don't like how this talk show was put up. That guy was trying to have a conversation, everyone else was shouting at him. It isn't civil.

  3. Any doctor who says eating meat is ok in time is not a doctor but a well paid weak arsed hypocrite that takes his bribes from the meat and dairy industry…period FOH 🤮🤮🤮 vegan for life 🌱🍇🥑🔥👊🏿

  4. i dont approve of carnivore diets at all – quite the opposite, because of the animals being killed and the environment. But that was just a crucifiction not a discussion. some guy going into an arena full of middle-age minded people stoning him publicly. thats not a good trait for vegans or anybody to celebrate!!

  5. you can debate health all day..
    but the important aspect is the affect it has on our planet, which eventually correlates directly to our health.

  6. What makes someone an expert is fully understand human biology, evolution, and have a real in depth understand of how the body works. Then they go read meta analyses and understand how each study relates to the human body, because they fully understand the humans body and what is going on. So what makes someone an expert, is when they read science about food or medicine, they have a good idea or know what is going on in the human body as a result of that substance. That is what makes them an expert. How others know if they're an expert is testing them on what they know about human biology, and seeing if they understand human biology. I have never claimed to be an expert I just share what people that I consider experts say and studies they share to support claims.

  7. Is Dr. Travis on steroids? He appears to be going nuts!
    Retired Judge Mary Chrzanowski is fierce grilling that quacky psychiatrist!

  8. in a debate, the ones that yell and scream are generally the ones who are wrong. if you're confident in your opinion, why not just have a civilized conversation?

  9. The vegans are feeling threatened by the thousands of testimonials from people regaining their health on a carnivore diet. No wonder they lured saladino into a trap where they could team up on attacking him as a group to make his diet look bad. In a normal one on one debate, they could never win. I know this comment will trigger a lot of you angry vegans. I don't care, go f yourself. But anyone sick and damaged by a vegan diet should seriously look into the carnivore diet. A lot of ex-vegans already found healing by eating meat.

  10. He says that we have been eating meat throughout our evolution but that is obviously untrue. We have only been eating meat since we had culturally developed artefacts such as spears and traps. If you disbelieve this then go out with just your bare hands and see if you can capture and eat wild animals before you die of starvation. Believe me, you will not fare well.

  11. Wow! What a bunch of psychos! All the people questioning the carnivore diet look so mentally unstable! I think I will start eating more meat.

  12. I'm not a doctor, yet I understand that sickness starts in the mind and how could any one heal consuming immeasurable suffering and violence. This charlatan says he practices 'medicine' so should know this, yet he promotes a diet that inhibits healing.

  13. I always hear from carnies about the heavy meat consumption that are ancestors ate. I live in a hunting community which uses the best in modern technology — usually hunting deer that are half tame– and often times they come up empty handed. If they had to rely solely on rocks and sticks they might be able to take out a hapless rodent.
    How did early man kill all these animals they were supposedly eating?

  14. Travis is a fckN goof ball
    This is why I don’t watch this bull spit ~ this is all big Pharm doing your kill folks

  15. I know someone who went full carnivore.

    I don’t even bother debating with him though.
    It will just make him dig deeper into his beliefs(Adam Ruins Everything talked about that).

    It’s sad that people think that eating all meat is good.

    It’s NOT!!
    Our ancestors were herbivores!!
    We only started eating meat as a way to add in more calories.
    The only reason why you should eat meat is if there’s barely any vegetation growing(like in Antarctica).

    Going vegan is best for your health, the planet, and the animals.

    The carnivore diet is a selfish diet.
    It’s bad for your health, bad for the animals, and it’s bad for the planet.

    Don’t do it!!

  16. Its a completely shame to watch how rudely they treat Dr. Saladino. This is not about picking sides about the best diet. Its about how humans treat eachother and they clearly bully him during that show. As admirer of Dr. Kahn im surprised he participated in this unfairly debate.

  17. I really don't understand at all how that TV program could have a doctor on that says & espouses that there are NO STUDIES that say meat is harmful,except that it may have just been a TV set up to get everyone stirred up. He certainly did cause that drama.

  18. If a typical western diet containing lots of meat was good for us I don’t think we would be seeing the skyrocketing obesity and CVD rates we are in the USA. Just look around you at the average American and you can see that our diet is a problem.

  19. My own n=1 experiment with Carnivore has improved every single bio marker I could measure. Inflammation gone. Joints feel better, digestion improved, endurance and strength enhanced. Mood improved. Mental focus and clarity has never been better. My personal experience is undeniable. I was plant based for several years and never experienced this kind of health and performance in all areas. Carnivore may not be for everyone, but my body certainly responded to eat like nothing else I have tried. My health and quality of life have improved. Don't care what these so called experts scream about with their weak ass epidimelogical studies. Nutrition science is garbage and weak. Results over dogma.

  20. Do be honest i didnt get any satisfaction of saladino getting roasted he didn't feel a thing or admit any fault and and that was expected. But i was surprised and disappointed a respected plant based doctor would go on this trash TV show in the first place to give attention to the carnivore diet and treat anyone who promotes it as an equal in a debate about nutrition.

  21. Generally speaking doctors know very little about nutrition and worse, are of the mindset that nutrition matters little, unless they have an awakening and go off on their own like Dr Michael Gregor or Dr Joel Fuhrman. Just because they know about anatomy/physiology does not mean they know much at all about nutrition. Pretty sad, but it's part of the matrix. The pharmaceutical industry writes the medical school textbooks and Monsanto who created Agent Orange genetically "modifies" our foods. In 100 years time they'll be like "the did what?! They didn't implement or know of the importance of detoxification strategies, how diseases are created?! They just suppressed symptoms rather than getting to or understanding the cause of such illnesses?! No wonder why it took them so long to understand Cancer. They thought cutting, burning, poisoning was the solution. 🙄

  22. Carnivore diet cures illness!! These fake ass doctors are angry because they need sick people to be on medication. Wake up vegans. And that intro just show how men will start to behave if they keep eating soy, fruits and vegetables. Paul Saladino was calm, composed and looks healthier than everyone in that room.

  23. I am a clinician that is in the process of being trained in Integrated health, nutritional psychology and soon to become a board certified holistic health nutritionist/consultant and coach, you can work predominantly in the realm of therapy or psychology and still be well versed in Nutrition. In fact, anybody working in any health field should be well trained in nutrition because mental and physical health both depend on it. However, this guy was an IDIOT! Meat is not great for your body and if you have to eat it, do so sparingly but plants for the win!

  24. Jeez, another "diet guru" wanting his fame & fortune… Stop pu-leeeze. Anyone who thinks fruits & veggies shouldn't be your main staple in your daily eating regime, has been sorely deceived. Meat has little to no place in it.

  25. It was great to see “The Doctors” strongly oppose the cruel carnivore diet, but if I’m being honest, I think it’s all damage control from that time Kip Andersen and Dr. Garth Davis destroyed their panel of fake doctors.

  26. Perfect example of zero carb zen vs. plant-fed hysteria, thank you !
    Moreover, as Georgia Ede says : "As outrageous as this may sound, I find no scientific evidence that vegetables are essential components of the human diet, because I am not aware of a single study that compares a diet containing vegetables to a diet without vegetables."
    But these guys want "hardcore science" regarding the carnivore diet.

  27. The only voice of reason calmness and politeness was that of Saladino, the rest were obnoxious rude and full with logical fallacies and not a single shred of evidence

  28. Palandino, knowes nothing about nutrition what so ever,carnivore diet in 21-st century ,give me a brake.Should take his licence away!

  29. I'm plant based (vegan). I'm all for for the whole foods plant based movement. But the way the doctors spoke the carnivore dude was disgraceful. Science is abouts constructive debate, not shouting down someone you disagree with.

  30. where the hell is doctor sean baker?????? – thats what i keep asking???? no one has seen him since he started his meat only diet lol where is he? Im actually concerned coz i feel he could be dying somewhere but hes so stubborn he will never admit that he was wrong- find him

  31. Jeez, the carnivore diet vs veganism… no wonder it just turned into a slanging match.
    Finding some middle ground is the future, not this polarising circus.

  32. Where did he get his medical license? The World Health Organisation lists meat as a carcinogen. Plus there at least 5000 phytonutrients in fruit & veges.

  33. Every vegan should see the whole show and hear the testimony from “the strong Sistas” who were on the show. How do you explain the many healing stories of those eating a carnivore diet? People healing autoimmune disease etc?

  34. Our community has to put up with our local television stations promoting unhealthy meat & dairy continuously. It's their livelihood. It's the same diatribe whether I watch WDNT TV2, WHIO, channel 7, or WKEF, channel 22. They all earn their living showing commercials for meat & dairy and processed carbs & bottled oils – and both advertising and promoting the hospitals & doctors who treat the diseases caused by eating what local TV advertises. They all profess to "love bacon" and even broadcast cheaply made infomercial spots featuring local food dives where heart attack specials are the norm. Tell your local stations to support the community, not their fast food joints and billionaire sponsors. We have it especially bad in the Dayton area because the television market can only support two local stations, but since we have three fighting for advertising dollars and a paycheck, they squeeze in extra commercials, do so by dropping time of the national broadcasts. (Is that legal?) They are so dumb they believe viewers don't notice when local TV cuts back to the network late. The trickery is identifiable because previously the network promoted (teased) their spot and then it's not seen because local TV showed a couple extra commercials instead. Our society is truly dumbing down – to tolerate this abuse proves it!

  35. Please….Please..

    Get rid or the annoying music in this video, Half the time I was struggling to hear what was being said.

    Just came across as very dramatized.

  36. I don't agree with the carnivorous diet but these guys were just discourteous and rude to the guest. He was trying to engage in discourse and they were shouting over him and generally showing themselves up. Poor show.

  37. You don't even understand the BASIC difference between KETO – CARNIVORE (low protein) and carnivore (high protein) diets are.

    And you call yourselves….. Doctors? Dr Saladino is right as was the human evolutionary history of nutrition. Except if we ate spaghetti since the stone age. (which coincides with Diabetes PANDEMIC and Alzheimer's EPIDEMIC)

    The whole episode is BIASED due to this.

    And an obese lawyer telling that reading article as a legal expert is the same as reading an article on PubMed as an MD is….the same thing. By the way tell her that in Keto-Carnivore I lost 25kg in my 53s menopaused, diabetic, inflammaged, depressed and impaired. Now all these are gone!
    But hey, when you are losing your health, you might run to @Dr.Paul Saladino to save your asses.

  38. SALADIN – did his best Mike Pence impersonation throughout this…. that little fake smug smirky face as he looked at people tearing his a new one… was priceless.

  39. Yeah but as I recall when Dr. Garth Davis was on this show (I think for what the health), I felt they disrespected him, if I remember correctly they didn’t even refer him as doctor. So now that vegan and plant base is showing up in the masses it’s ok that they yell and carry on over this sell out doctor? I sense a bit of hypocrisy here, but I didn’t see the entire show so. Even if the guy is a liar shouldn’t he get to complete his ridiculous points? Calm down guys we’ve known the benefits of vegan and plant diets for a while and you ridiculed us, you told us we would get deficiencies and such. Just because it’s trendy, now you are yelling and screaming about it? I didn’t see the entire show so maybe it wasn’t entirely about veganism, but I’m not sure how I feel about this particular clip, it seemed weird to me. 🤷🏻‍♀️✌🏼

  40. Great, another hack in the pocket of the animal agri industry no doubt. Glad popularised medicine is finally pushing back.

  41. This funkin shit is getting out of hand. Wake up people/sheepales. There is a ight on your health. Why are all the comments supporting one side of the argument. It seems like all apposing comments have been deleted. The way they are attacking this man makes no sense. He's absolutely right. Im not referring to Trevor and those women.

  42. Maybe I’m a little confused about this, but the title “nutritionist”isn’t that just a certificate you pay 20,000-30,000 to get in like 9 months, as a dietitian is actually a license and it takes 2 -3 yrs of actual college. This is in NY state, so maybe nutritionist in other state’s you have to get tested and licensed? But in NY dietitians is almost like getting a nurses degree, I think even a state test. Nutritionist certificate here is like over priced classes you take when you have too much money and you are bored. So I’m surprised these professionals only refer themselves as nutritionist and not dietitian as well. But maybe the title means more elsewhere 🤷🏻‍♀️?

  43. I myself do not agree with this carnivore fad. But the problem with plant based diets is that most people don't eat a WHOLE FOOD Plant Based Diet. Which becomes just as bad as the Standard American Diet. Too much processed food. Canola Oil in pretty much everything. Soy? Forget about it. Eat normal. Cook your own REAL foods. Pack a lunch. Don't eat out as much. You all know where to put your studies. These diet wars are making people wealthy. That's all!

  44. Where is the schooling? Shawn Baker has been on the diet three years and had tests since. Didn’t Kahn take an easy fall and break shit? Sounds like a bone density issue.

  45. This is what happens when idiots believe in Evilucion! If you at an animal and want to latch on and it raw, you have a serious problem! Humans arent lions!

  46. “Appeal to Authority” is a common fallacy in argument. Stop with The Who I am and what I’ve studied. Present the evidence for your position PERIOD.

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