Warm Water Therapy Pool | Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital

Hello my name is Laura Pruitt, and I am a
PTA, ATC at Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital n Northern Kentucky, and I’m here today to give you a little information about our warm water therapy program. We have a warm water therapy pool that we
keep at 97 degrees, and this pool is onsite, and we have a private facility where you can
get one on one exercise for whatever you’ve come here for. We provide exercise that offers hydro-static
pressure through your whole entire body while you’re in the water, and that increases your
muscle strength as well as your conditioning while you’re doing your exercise. We have the only onsite warm water pool in
our region. We also provide certified and licensed athletic
trainers, as well as physical therapists, that provide a one on one program just for
you and what you came here for. We have private changing rooms and private
showers, as well as a lift chair and a safety ladder that will help you get in and out of
the pool without any concerns. So what type of people can benefit from this
program? We have several people that we can help. We want to encourage people with arthritis
and/or people who have osteoarthritis to come and experience water therapy. We also would like to encourage people who
have had joint replacements and are still stiff and sore from those joint replacements. We like to work with people that have spinal
cord injuries in the water since it is not weighted. We also like to work with people who have
had balance disorders, and people who are overweight who need to exercise or have a
rehabilitation program, however they have concerns with weight bearing exercise. We have people that we work with who need
to improve their cardiovascular endurance, as well as people who have fibromyalgia who
need to exercise, but weight bearing exercise tends to cause the fibromyalgia to get worse. And we have people with low back pain who
can work out in the water and decrease their symptoms and increase their strength. If you have any questions, please just give
us a call, and we would love to give you a tour of our facility.

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