Inspector Chingam, on your recommendation I have appointed these two as ward boys at the hospital. I hope the two put in their sincere effort while working here. Don’t worry, they are full of sincerity and they make sure they complete any work they take into their hands. Don’t worry big Brother, we will beat your expectations. Oh my god! Motu he isn’t your big Brother, call him Dr.Mishra He is in charge of this hospital. Sorry! Alright Big Brother, from today onwards we will call you Dr. Mishra. Motu Patlu, quick, grab a stretcher and head outside, we have a new case. Yes sir. Patlu, this stretcher doesn’t seem to move, anyway my mind doesn’t work while I’m hungry, you do something. You are pushing at the wrong end. Sorry! Hey, slow down, let me get there. Oh my god! Help! Motu Patlu I won’t leave. Check out the crowd, I think the patient is right there. Oh my god! Where’s the patient? Oh my god! I’m right here. Sir Chingam, what happened to you? Oh my god! Where did Chingam disappear? Sir Chingam, why do you keep going down there? Chingam sir, how do you feel now? Till now I was fine, now that you two are here I’m not quite sure. Why is your leg hanging like that? It’s already hurt and then on top of that they hang it like this. These doctors always do some strange. Oh my god! What are you doing? Doctor asked me to keep my leg up there. Sorry, I will help you put the leg back up on the sling. Don’t you dare touch my leg. We don’t have to touch your leg to get it back up, we are ward boys, and trained for our job. I will crank the back part of the bed upwards. Oh my god! Put me back down. Oh, sorry. What are you doing? God! Stop it. Take me out. Help! Sir, your bed has been fixed, I will put you back on it. Swear on the law and this nation, stay away from me. This is my bed. You lay on his bed, we will inform the doctor. Why does he get chicken while I get this khichdi? You have a brain operation coming up, followed by your heart operation, this is all you can get to eat. Brain operation and heart operation, oh my god, what’s happening? Chingam sir, I’ll get you some good food for you, until then you have your soup. Let me add some salt and pepper to your soup to make it tastier. Chingam sir, don’t you worry while I’m here. Now you see how tasty this soup will be. Chingam sir, what new language are you speaking? You you mixed this glue into my soup. Sir, why aren’t you able to open your mouth? Something is wrong. I think you may have to undergo an operation for your mouth as well. I will go get the doctor. Get ready, you brain operation is up. Don’t you worry, everything will be alright. You won’t feel a thing. Oh my god! I don’t need a surgery, Motu needs a brain surgery. Chingam sir, wait up, where are you going? Sir, wait, we are coming. Hey, what are you doing? Oh my god! Chingam sir, come on, I have Tandoori chicken for you,You two are going to grill me like a tandoori too. I’m not going with you. Sir, stop. For the sake of justice and this nation, surrender yourself to this hospital. I got to get rid of this Motu and Patlu, It is impossible to get out of their clutches. Sir, I will push this stretcher towards you, you relax and lay on this stretcher, and we will take you to your room. The two of you will lay me to rest forever. Oh my god! Oh my god! Mummy, aunty, grandmother, grandfather, Soldiers get ready. Oh my god! No! How did this happen to you? I will put up an enquiry, I have kept two people to look after you. Who will not treat you like a patient but will be like a friend to you. Motu Patlu you can come inside. No! No! What happened to him?

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