Walking Again with Katie

– Going back to 2011, I had problems with having
problems in my brain. Things that are simple, everybody knows are hard to remember. My original plan was
not to have the strokes but I still said okay if
I can recover from this I want to have my dogs. And wherever I go I’m gonna have the dogs come with me. And I’ll take care of ’em. I’ll go sit out front you know
where they have those chairs. I’ll take my dog out there and I’ll take some pieces of food with me
and I’ll sit there and other people that live there will come out and they feed the dogs
and the dog automatically, the dogs when they got fed and we go do this everyday. And they enjoy that and
of course I enjoy it and the dog loves it too. It’s a lot of people enjoy the dog. So there’s no thought in my mind at all about giving her up. It’s just, it’s part of my life.

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