Walk in Mammograms at Saint Agnes Medical Group, Catonsville

Hi, welcome to Saint Agnes Medical Group out
at Route 40 in Catonsville. You’re here at the X-ray desk where we’re signing
in for mammography, it’s a walk-in basis. You come in between 7 and 3 o’clock. You sign in on the desk and then you automatically
have your mammogram done. After you have registered at the front desk,
we bring you back to a private dressing room. We have you undress in here and then we take
you into the room to do you exam. This whole area back here is away from everything
out front so it’s more private for you. Once we have you undressed, we bring you in
for your mammogram. The mammogram is done, the tech reviews your
films on the computer screen, finds out if they are readable for the doctor. If they are readable for the doctor, she submits
them to the doctor. The films are then read within 24 to 48 hours
to your doctor. If anything else is needed you would get a
phone call within 24 to 48 hours form our office telling you you needed to come back
for additional films. You as a lay person would also get a lay letter
letting you know everything is fine. Now, once your mammogram is over you’re free
to go, just remember our hours are from 7 to 3. Even though it is a walk-in basis, you must
have a referral from your doctor in order to have this done. I know a lot of times you think you can just
come in and just get it done, but its better to have your referral because if not you wouldn’t
be able to be done. We hope to see you out here soon!

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