Wake Forest Baptist Health’s Benign Breast Clinic in Clemmons, NC

Our location in Clemmons offers a Benign Breast
Clinic. Benign Breast Clinic consists of people who have abnormal mammogram or might feel
something in their breasts a palpable mass. At this point we don’t know what it is. I
could be nothing or it could be atypical or worst-case it could be cancer- it’s just kind
of up in the air. Same with any kind of breast problem- abscess
or infection- they can be seen at our Benign Breast Clinic. Also at that clinic, we’ll
have our first Survivor’s Clinic- which we’re excited about. This is for breast cancer patients
who are two or more years out from their initial diagnosis. So they will be seen on an annual
basis by our nurse practitioners who will offer a more intensive care as to the survivor
and address issues such as if they’re tolerating their endocrine therapy… aromatase inhibitors,
if they’re having issues with hot flashes or other psychosocial issues, issues with
lymphedema- things like that. Our nurse practitioners at the Survivors Clinic will address.

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