Volunteering at the Royal Adelaide Hospital

Hi I’m Pip and I’m the Team Leader of
the Volunteer Services Unit here at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Our volunteers are a hugely important part
of our local health network. There’s a range of positions available and
we will work with you to find what you are best suited to and what you are most interested
in. We are looking for more volunteers to help
us with the tasks we undertake daily such as laundry services, visiting patients on
wards, the guide service throughout the hospital as well as the new tasks such as assisting
patients and visitors with the wayfinding and outpatient check in kiosk technology. This is your chance to give back to the community,
make new friends, learn new skills and be a part of South Australian history with the
new Royal Adelaide Hospital. Check out the link provided for more information
about the roles available and how to apply. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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