Vocational Rehabilitation (VR): Eligibility & Services

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services are
available to people who have disabilities. This video will provide you with information
about Vocational Rehabilitation and the services you can receive. VR services help people who have a disability
obtain employment. You will be assigned to a Rehabilitation Counselor at your local VR office. People must first be determined eligible in
order to receive VR services. To be determined eligible a person must have
a disability, and must need VR services to help them obtain and maintain a job. When the RCD determines that you are eligible,
then you become a customer of the VR program. You may be able to receive many different
services to help you get a job. All people who are customers receive two services:
vocational counseling and guidance; and information and referral. VR offers other services to customers as well. These services are decided by the customer
and the VR counselor together. The services must help the customer prepare
for and obtain employment. These services are training, Physical or mental
restoration, and job placement assistance. Your VR counselor will explain these services
to you. You and your RCD/VR counselor will discuss
which job best fits your needs and the services that you need to help you prepare for and
get the job. You will also talk about what resources or
assistance you would need in order to accomplish getting the job. For example, training, a hearing aid, or an
interpreter during the job interview, etc. An RCD/VR counselor will also refer you to
programs or different services if the VR program does not offer the services that you need. To make a referral to a VR counselor, please
fill out the online application.

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