Hey guys. I’m Siobhan, a first year medical resident. It’s my last day of ICU today, nd I get a nice long day, because I’m on call. So I figured I’d bring you along, not just for today, but for the whole week. So you can see what it’s like transitioning to a new rotation. Oh and thank you so much for all of you who answered my questions in my last video. So it sounds like you would love me to do Q&A’s through Instagram as well, so add me. I will start answering questions in my story, and yeah… Then we can chat more. Just got to the hospital. It makes a huge difference being able to bring this mug with me and bring some tea. So a thank you to Strive To Fit, who gave this to me. Just ran for a code blue. We call it like a fake code blue. Somebody fainted and then the whole team goes running. Anyways, gotta go back to rounds, but I’ve got a little bit of a work out in. So in the morning we round and see each patient as a team. The afternoon wasn’t too busy, so our staff did a teaching session. Then of course after the day team went home, things started to pick up and get busier. Admitting patients to the ICU and doing procedures, like inserting central lines when they needed it. Can’t believe I just finished my last ICU call shift in my first year. It’s pretty crazy. We end up doing another block in my second year and another one my third year, so I still get more. But honestly I loved the experience and so I feel sad to leave, it’s such a great team. Anyway, it was a solid night. Steady, like five patients that were quite sick. So I’m ready to go to bed, so I’m gonna go call an uber. So it’s 9:30 p.m. now, I’ve been up for like four hours. I think I’m ready to go back to sleep. I did manage to get up and go for dinner with my family, and you know… I have gotta say, in residency it’s really easy to feel like you’ve got so many deadlines, so much work to do, so much studying, that it’s easy to just put off time with family and friends, but it’s important. So for me anyway, I need to set times and actually plan in advance. Otherwise I’ll just not do it and I would have just kind of lays around the house and sort of felt guilty that I wasn’t studying. Oh, I’m actually trying to figure out a new TV show. So any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below if you have any favorites. I think today I’m gonna try out something called iZombie. One of my friends is obsessed with it right now, so I’ll see if I like it too. Tuesday morning, just… Wow, just caught that during editing. It’s like losing a day when you’re on call, so it’s Wednesday morning. Heading out of my building and first time I’m not wearing scrubs in like two months. It’s kinda nice, kinda feel like a real person, but I miss them. Alright, so we just finished our morning in hematology. I’m just here with my friend Carly, who is another resident and we just started the hematology rotation. That’s a rotation all about blood disorders, so blood diseases.. So this morning saw a consult, someone we thought might have a blood cancer called lymphoma. And then someone else who has a blood clot. And now it’s sort of a rush day, so we’re going to our academic half day. That’s basically when we go and get lectures and stuff. So nice to be able to get a ride and yeah… Just heading there up now. So right now I’m using the cue cards a whole bunch when I’m studying. Something new that I’m trying out is making cue cards during the lecture about key points rather than traditional notes, which honestly I tend not to go back to as much. Plus we get all the slides by email, so if I miss something, I can always look it up. So just got home. It’s about 8:30 now. It’s a longer day than usual, because today we happen to have a clinical skills session. So basically I’m going through like physical exams, in this case the neurology exam. Just makes it feel like a long day. Now I’m just trying to think what else I have to do. I’m actually on call tomorrow, so I kind of need to get my food ready. So on a busy week like this, I like to just have some frozen chicken, frozen veggies, that I just keep in the freezer. I can just throw them into the pan late at night like this, put some soy sauce on it and then I’ve got some great healthy options for when I’m on calls. I need to read up a little bit on lymphoma, because my staff said that we’re doing a teaching session on it tomorrow. And you know it’s kind of nice to be a little familiar with the topic, because then I think you get more out of a teaching session if you kind of know the basics or if it’s fresh in your mind. Just walking to the hospital now. I start my hematology day at 8:30 in the morning, it feels so nice be able to walk to work instead of taking Uber, cuz I’m at a different hospital now. I kinda feel like I’m a little bit out of breath while I’m talking to you guys, cuz I’m trying to walk quickly to get here on time. I left just like three minutes late, so I can catch up, but now I’m slightly out of breath. I was just thinking how I always ask my patients if they get short of breath walking and now I have to say yes. All right, 5:30 now. Just transitioning into internal medicine mode. Got handover about the two teams that I’m gonna be carrying tonight. And I’ve got to say, when it comes to sick patients I just feel way more comfortable, I don’t feel as scared now that I’ve done ICU. I feel like I can kind of handle whatever sick patients come at me, but still, you know… You never know what’s coming and for now what’s coming is hopefully my call room. I’m gonna go grab a key while I have a chance. Ah man, I just got to my call room and I was about to change into my scrubs and I realized that I forgot my running shoes. And if I’m wearing boots with my scrubs, it just looks ridiculous, so I don’t know. I think I might just stay in my regular clothes all night, which sucks, but yeah… Hopefully things don’t get messy tonight. So it’s 9:30 now, made it through the night, just handed over. So I got rid of all the pagers and was able to tell the different teams about the patients I admitted overnight. And it was actually, it was a kind of like busy crazy night that reminded me of ICU. We had two code blue, so we had a cardiac arrest and had another patient who had an overdose, I had to run upstairs and see. And now I wish I could say that I was just going to sleep and going home now, but I actually scheduled a research meeting. So I scheduled a research meeting, they’re gonna meet me here at the hospital. We’re going up a couple things and then I’ve got to go home and I got to work on research. I’ve got to prep this video for you guys, which is supposed to go out tomorrow. So yeah, I don’t know… I don’t know when I’m gonna sleep, but I’m hoping I can pull through and get everything done and get to sleep soon. So thank you so much for watching and joining me this week. Let me know do you guys prefer a day in the life video or a week in the life video! Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and I will be chatting with you guys next week. Bye for now!


  1. I definitely enjoy izombie. Riverdale is fun too – it's a dark version of the old Archie comics. Otherwise, I just end up watching reruns as I'm falling asleep – like Frasier, Friends, and The Office. Let us know how you like izombie lol. I think it's a good option for you because it's interesting, but not one that makes me want to watch all of the episodes in one sitting.

  2. No matter what types of videos you'll do i will always like them! I love that you are easy going and so kind when you talk to us! 😁

  3. As you are a doctor I just wanted to ask you which is the best medicine for kid who is suffering from stomach ache and vomiting

  4. It’s very typical but Grey’s Anatomy! Also there is this documentary type of movie on Netflix called Obesity Post Mortem and it is very interesting. I love everything about your channel not only because of your content but because of how you explain everything as you mention it.

  5. both types of videos are great!
    since I'm still a medical student, I love comedy tv shows because they're short and somehow brings joy to me! I usually re-watch friends
    I'd recommend brooklyn nine nine

  6. Hi! I love watching your videos! I aspire to attend medical school in the future. What medical school do you attend? Are there many research opportunities at your school?

  7. You should watch One Day at a Time, The 100, About a Boy, New Girl, Bojack Horseman, Containment, or the Good Place!!!! All of these shows are on Netflix

  8. Are you in Ontario?! That totally looks like the hospitals downtown in my city!!
    So neat to see a resident vlogging their experiences!!

  9. I know this is going to sound weird but you sound like a doctor 👩‍⚕️ I would love to have you as a doctor you seem very easy going and not up right like some doctors I have seen . Would love to see you as a week in endocrinology as I’m a type one diabetic

  10. So when you’re on call and in a certain block, are you on call for only that block’s patients or just internal medicine in general?

  11. I started watching The Resident , great show. I really think you will enjoy it, oh yeah izombie is my favorite show.

  12. How different is neurosurgical residency in comparison to IM in terms of schedule and time? Is it about the same?
    (I aspire to be a neurosurgeon😊btw)

  13. You should watch Greys anatomy it’s amazing! Also pretty little liars, gossip girl, charmed and how I met your mother are great ! Xx

  14. I LOVE iZombie! It's kinda cheesy lol but I find it entertaining.
    I SUPER recommend "The Good Place" (but only the first season), & "Kim's Convenience" (this one's a Canadian show! woo!) on Netflix <3

  15. In your opinion, do you think people need to have a certain level of intelligence to be a doctor, or do you think anyone can be a doctor if they put in the work?

  16. maybe grey’s anatomy (I know it’s not really the same thing that you do but I really like it and I think it’s a really good show)

  17. Just found your videos and love them! As someone who also works in a hospital (physical therapy), its interesting to see another point of view. Also try Parenthood on netflix

  18. You could try watching The Fosters. I love it. Also your vlogs are very interesting and I like to watch them.

  19. Do you have a boyfriend or husband ps ilysm I love watching your vids bc I want to be exactly what you are just a nurse!

  20. 100% recommended Grey’s Anatomy if you haven’t watched it! Currently watching it for my fourth time since I’m hoping to be a cardiothoracic surgeon in the future!! 💗

  21. If you like izombie try other cw shows, especially the DC Nation shows those are my favorite and also santa Clarita diet on Netflix

  22. Okay. I’ve watched a ton of your vids and i have to say that i love your happy attitude! It’s inspiring!

  23. Were you always "smart" in high school?? I have always dreamt of becoming a part of the medicine world but feel i don't have the brains for it.

  24. I accidentally found your channel while I was looking at the difference between Guillian Barre Syndrome and CIPD since my nuero changed my diagnosis to that. I don't know how it showed your channel. But, while watching your videos, it shows the heart that you and most of my Dr's have. Thanks for sharing and I love it when you build up those you work with.

  25. I have been home for 5 days with kidney stones binge watching your channel. I am hooked.

    Plz keep making more
    My life is so empty with out House

  26. I love izombie! Im rewatching it now 🙂 i love the resident, leverage, the night shift, amercian housewife, call the midwife n hart of dixie are all great!!!

  27. I absolutely adore you! You are my current favorite YouTuber & I have been binge watching your videos. I love your House md references its still my favorite show by far. Anyways I love how positive you are (: hope to see you and your father play music together again soon!

  28. I work at the Proton Therapy Center in Prague. I have no medical background (except for a few years volunteering as an extra on the ambulance) so I only work "behind the scenes" as a patient manager. I wish I could learn more about different type of cancers, treatment options, and proton therapy outcomes in each situation. I know I can't learn all this just like that, but I wish I didn't have to rely on doctors all the time (especially with silly questions, which are a waste of our doctor's time!). Any suggestions on reliable resources I could bury my brain into? Thank you! 😊

  29. videos can wait, patients are more important than videos, if you are too tired to work
    because you chose to upload a video rather than utilize that time wisely, sleeping…
    than that is your fault.

  30. Random question I usually only see you walking or taking a Uber to work
    How come you don’t drive yourself to the hospital.

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