VLOG | Running an Ebola survivor clinic in Sierra Leone

Hi, my name’s Justin.
I’m doctor for the Ebola survivors clinic here in Freetown. You feel like you have a far bigger impact
here than you do back home. There’s such a gap of medical care There are around 150 practising doctors in Sierra Leone So I think one addtional doctor
makes a far bigger impact than almost anywhere else in the world. So that’s rewarding But it’s also incredibly frustrating. You see things which just shouldn’t happen. And you see conditions which would never occur even
in other countries in sub-saharan Africa There’s still Leprosy in certain parts of Sierra Leone. There is a frustration with what people have
been through And with what people have seen happen to them But it’s a positive emotion
and it’s contructive And there is a lot of hope going forward. Sierra Leone is quite a humbling place to work. I think if you look at the recent history of Sierra Leone with 15 years of civil war which they just emerged from and then they were hit with Ebola as a country it’s been through things that
very few countries even really imagine It sounds like a cliché but
there’s a warmth to people which is fairly astonishing

3 thoughts on “VLOG | Running an Ebola survivor clinic in Sierra Leone

  1. Wish we could help, I hate all the red tape that the government puts on people for the actual medications and doctors to be there. I would go there myself and let a doctor train me how to be a nurse and help out with the workload.

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