Vitamin K2 and Artery Calcification: New Concepts (Part 1)

but here’s one of the things that it
does it appears to have an impact both on calcium deposition and removal from
bones as well as diabetes so this is a going to be a short video
basically describing and giving you a heads up regarding of a series or
miniseries that I plan to do getting started on its own vitamin K2 sometimes
you end up doing the right thing for maybe not the best reasons but that
happens and I’ll get to that in just a minute so here’s my history on K2 I’d
really never heard of it until a couple of years ago like many things I heard it
from a viewer he mentioned it I thought I had done something on K2 because I
didn’t know it was I had heard of it I didn’t know it was related to calcium
but that was about it so I started doing some research I focused mainly on the
randomized clinical trials that is the standard I mean that’s the the best type
of research you can do it’s the most convincing again it’s the best evidence
but you know you don’t always have randomized clinical trials now it looked
like there were some and I will tell you the there are some the randomized
clinical trials on vitamin K2 really don’t show that much yet will they show
there’s more going on because the the interest continues to focus on K2 and
it’s like many things it’s based on some logic and hopes and other things so
here’s where the part about sometimes doing the right thing but not for the
right reasons so I’ve got a you know I’ve got this channel the focus is to
get people to recognize they’ve got insulin resistance or other reasons to
have heart attack and stroke because most people that have these
problems don’t know it they just start growing plaque for 20 years and then all
of a sudden they have a heart attack or a stroke and they’re surprised there’s
also a major concept conception that you can’t prevent or slow down plaque growth
and you can actually you can prevent it you can slow it down and you can even
reverse it there’s I’ve got several videos on that
as well but here’s the rest of the story so someone else did a video on K2
Mike-Mike at my original K2 video was my number two video and driving a lot of
views when that new one was published by somebody else mine tanked my ego got got
involved and I started looking that up and saying what’s going on so anyway it
it motivated me to read this book “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox” now it
was written by a doctor of nutrition Kate Rheaume-Bleue I think I pronounced that
right here’s the thing what little I had seen and read about the topic and
listened to some of her videos I felt like she was way overstating or at least
implying some things in the science that weren’t quite there weren’t ready to be
implied after reading the book I’ll still agree and I still feel like she
gets out over her skis but you know what people that overstate something
sometimes or even even some people that totally misrepresent sometimes are right
so I’m not saying she’s misrepresented I’m saying she does again get a little
bit too aggressive in terms of you know everything’s due to the fact that we’re
no longer eating cows or other animals that eat grass they’re eating corn I
realize that’s a bad thing and that’s a big emotional appeal but again I focus
on the science and the scientific evidence here’s where the book really
hooked me though it has to do with a thing called osteocalcin and I was
totally unaware of that entire metabolic process until I started reading
this book and investigating here’s vitamin K2 phylloquinone K2 MK-4
MK-7 in the series I hope to well I plan to get a little bit deeper into those
things now what is osteocalcin I’m just going to I don’t fully understand it yet
I have to do more investigation on it but here’s one of the things that it
does it appears to have an impact both on calcium deposition and removal from
bones as well as diabetes so I’ll just hit a couple of quick well actually I
wanted to keep this video below 5 minutes and I’ve already gone beyond
that so I’m gonna I’m gonna cut it off now and just let you know there’s some
interesting stuff here looking forward to the next videos thank you much
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